go girl, its your birthday, open wide, you know you're thirsty

best way to start a birthday in my book: early lunch at the mercer with raspberry lychee bellini's and ginger margaritas....and the best butternut squash soup ever made-- devoured it before i could even snap a pic
next stop five points, grape collins and persols....bangles: lowluv, ebay, genee's santa fe finds
passionfruit jalapeno margaritas and potato pizza with truffle oil....would definitely consider this as a last meal on earth option.
stumbled across maybe the raddest well ever....talk about flowin' with the fringe. denim shirt: one teaspoon, grey l/s: patterson kincaid, jeans: malibu denim, boots: dolcetta, bag: aridza bross
found an amazing enchanted forest, aka a nyc park....giving my best samara from the ring impression

 last stop of the food tour: il buco. panna cotta with aged balsamic. no words. 27 bday = gastronomy bliss.

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