side of the road sally

went on a one night jaunt to palm springs with zoey and of course i forced her to pull over on the side of the road and take my photo. actually it was a well thought out plan that was concocted by me early that morning when 1. i put like 5 mins of thought into my outfit, and 2. when i realized zoey was already gonna have her camera and i could beg and plead at her feet to just take 5 mins worth of snaps. being the good friend that she is, she obliged. and thank god cause all my blog posts are in the concrete jungle! dirty downtown sidewalks, boring residential areas……all work and no play make for some really boring blog backdrops! and when i do go on a vacation somewhere visually stimulating i am far too consumed with eating and drinking myself into oblivion so there's just no chance for a boozed up bloated blog post. which i think is probably a good thing. ok luh you bye.
maxi dress//free people, bra//for love and lemons skivvies, shorts//one teaspoon, bag//stela 9, cross necklace//ford+harris, black stone ring//last night jewellery, photos//zoey grossman <3


summer haze

i know i haven't updated in a minute. i'm sorry. i am on my 15th day in a row working and i can barely open my eyes in the morning let alone work up the courage to edit, upload, and resize a blog post ZZZzzzZzZZzzzZ ahhahahhah ok sorry i fell asleep at the keyboard :/ ok here's some of the fruits of my labor! pretty bb deer marina in a crazy lavish garden and a 10,000 square foot house that is EMPTY inside. yeah, your heard that right…..this house is empty. like no one lives there. ever. but they pay people to maintain the yard and garden. hmmmmm doesn't make any sense but ok! for love and lemons. summer. love this crew so much! you know what else i love? the weekend. and its comin' in hot. xx
photos//zoey grossman, model//marina nery @ society, hair//ashlee rose, makeup//stacey tan, styling by this italiano! all jewelry from my favorites jacquie aiche


bb bear

clearly this ensemble was worn a few weeks ago when the weather was far more tolerable and desirable-----this heat wave is bringin' a sister downnnnn. this outfit is a combination of some of my favorite things-----muppet jacket, isabel 70's stripe sweater, and these bellbottom overalls that i cannot eat in cause they are way too tight. not pictured (but under there) are my suede gucci platform boots. dressing for fall is just so much more fun man! the layers, the absence of upper lip sweat…….i guess i should just stop complaining and move to the east coast already. but then i would complain about how cold it was all the time. always something. hahahaha oh alsooooooo i just started a depop account which i just found out about-----its basically instagram but you sell shit. which is tight cause i need to make some room in my overcrowded apartment! my username: pursenboots! and yes i will update as much as humanly possible. k byeeee xx
jacket//cheap monday, overalls//zara, sweater//isabel marant, sunglasses//d'blanc, photos//zoey grossman


flora 'n fauna

i love me a shapeless dress. whether its a maxi, or a your-buttcheeks-are-popping-out mini, i just love a muumuu. no pressure to watch what your eating or worry about sucking your stomach in all day (unless you have a naturally flat stomach in which case i hate you.) i've had a serious love affair with this dress since i got it cause it has all the elements i just mentioned, plus its sheer. and has a low neck. and pockets. and a slit. that my friends, is what we call a perfect dress. i wore this all white outfit to an all day meeting (yes, those exist) and i drank coffee, iced tea, and ate a variety of messy foods in this bad boy and SO UNLIKE ME i did not drop a SINGLE anything on the jacket or the dress. call it a christmas miracle if you will, cause i sure did. lord knows every time i take things to the dry cleaner every damn thing has a "oops, sorry we can't get this stain out" tag on it. argh. 
dress + bra//for love and lemons, jacket//sandro, boots//gucci, rosary bracelet//vanessa mooney, pentagram ring//pamela love, photos//zoey grossman <3