howdy from jackson hole

a couple of months ago i got to go on a super fun trip to a really magical place with a group of friends that i happen to also work with on occasion…..et voila! for love and lemons fall 14 collection. they're from jackson hole, so it was only fitting that we all trekked out to where it all started, their hometown. let me tell you, if you've never been to wyoming i strongly recommend it. hardcore nature vibes (i love me a winter sport), the cutest little town that makes you wanna be cozy and get wasted on a saddle at a cowboy bar, and insanely good food. i mean who doesn't like delicious foods?!! anyway i'm on a tangent. its lunchtime, i'm hungry! anyway hope you like and i'm gonna go get my hardcore snack on. xx
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just another muppet monday

so i have a deep love for giant faux fur jackets in every color------its like my strange addiction but i don't eat couch cushions, or sniff mothballs or anything. the worst part is i can really only get away with wearing my multicolored muppet jackets like 3 weeks out of the month cause its always so damn hot here! which is actually my least favorite part of living in california. does that make me a total weirdo? i like seasons! i like to dress layered and for it to be all cold and cozy out. sun ALL the time is ZZzzZzzzzZ boringggg to me! sorry for the complaining. its monday. what can you expect?! super grumpy party of one! i'm sure i'm not alone in this. i will write my next post friday, when I'm all positivity city! deal? xx
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