pleasure doing business

most giant t-shirt ever: blue life, shorts (that you can't even see but felt the need to establish that i'm wearing shorts): one teaspoon.
 the usual suspects.
i think they had a connection.
gene simmons jr.
zoey couldn't even resist getting in on the floral fun.
i'm really trying to bring back the bunny ear move. three times.
oh look, i'm putting more jewelry on her. shocker.

 behind the scenes action. and a mini photo shoot in the best room of the house, the floral explosion bathroom. with a plethora of verrrryyy serious faces. clearly, filthy with professionalism. and why am i cozying up to the dude from the shoot? you may have seen him lurking around in previous posts. that's benjamin font. or b.f.--- his initials, as well as his relation to me. picking up what i'm throwing down? lent him out for the day. and made fun of him every step of the way. cause it's exactly what he does to me when i'm trying not to look like an absolute fool in pictures. payback. good times.


  1. oh dear love your hair, fabulous color combination, it looks smashing. oh and the black blouse is to die for, the perfect cut, love the oversized effect with the tiny shorts.

  2. You and your boy look so great! And WOW at that floral wall paper. Loving your top and want all the jewelry you are wearing, as usual. The green maxi is fantastic too.

  3. i really love the first picture! you & your boyfriend are so cute! :)

  4. you have such good looooookin' friends (and boyfriend)
    seriously... i aspire to be like you in the way i dress/career and all that jazz

    i think you are really damn cool

  5. haha:) you're so cool. I love all your pictures.. what camera do you use? and do you edit your pictures?:)

  6. love that floral wall!! amazing


  7. obsessing over the dress in the last picture...the colors and print are beautiful!!! as is the model :-)

  8. love love the post!! diggin the new hair color too. what blue life cut is your shirt?? so rad!! must have it for springgg


  9. Ha. Again- so f'ing strange. Your man is friends with Drew Newlin (according to a photo I saw of Drew the other day...with your B.F. in it)...who is dating one of my best friends out here. Crazy. Maybe you could take a trip with him out to good ol' Nebraska one of these days. Photoshoot out here on a prairie? Yar, think it sounds like a gooooood idea. You look great, per usual. Liking the ombre.

    Later lady-love!


  10. So fun.. You and the bf look super cute. I bet it was fun to have him step infront of the camera so you could harass him a bit. I need to try that with mine...


  11. im in love with that snake arm bracelet!!! ive been looking for one, i lost mine...cristy has one that im secretly just going to steal from her one day

  12. that floral-holy crap-need that in every room in my place. wouldn't have to leave for outfit shots-EVER!

    fun behind the scene photos, when i looked at the lookbook yesterday i totally knew who styled it :)) the layered jewelry gave it away!

    will be using your new word-adorableness-its a goodie,

    jess s//LadyFlashback.com

  13. Gorgeous shots! Your life looks like so much fun. And your bangs look amazing, btw ;)


  14. Holy mackerel that wallpaper is incredible! I wonder if my husband would notice if I put that up in the bathroom? :)

  15. Hey lovely Ash, how'r u !! What a great news, this relation !! Hope your old bf isn't too jealous (i mean your leather jacket haha). Anyway, hope you're fine and i think i have the answer when i see ur pics !!

    Love, Yamina.

  16. The house from the shoot! I love the crazy vintage-y wallpaper-- you and your bf are so cute! He looks like orlando bloom in these pics :)
    La Petite Marmoset

  17. I'll take a giant T-shirt please!


  18. love your behind the scene pics.... and even more i just love your sense of humor. your new hair is seriously killin' it!


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