hells bells

soooooo like real talk these jeans are the SHIT. when i first got them in mail i was like "ermagerrrddddd" and my boyfriend was like "what are those?" and i was like "so fucking cute duh" and he was like "errrrkayy" so its maybe more of a girl thing but either way true love between me and these babies. this shirt was in my friend nick's donate pile----i was like "what dis" and he was like "vintage ann taylor----its too tight for me" and i was like well my friend one mans trash is another mans perfect striped button down. free 99. mondays suck ass so hopefully this post will shave a good 3-4 minutes off the dreaded workday. unless you don't read this and you're just a scroll-er troll-er. like me. love a good troll scroll. xx
bells//lenni the label, button down//ann taylor (oldie), leather necklace//luiny, photos//zoey grossman 


  1. Those are some serious bells now! Love them and your free striped shirt...legit.

  2. Your posts are always so fun to read! And such a great find...but those jeans are lifeeee >.<

    Neon Fox|Bloglovin'

  3. your commentaries on your outfit posts are gold!

    - Nathalie

  4. Girl, you always rock it! Keep on keeping on



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