california love

 another thursday, another pb web shoot! this week at a place that i've been frequenting on the regular, felicity's! models this week: sarah and jen. little lovebunnies. sarah seen here look cute as ever. she is one cute chick. and her cheekbones make me drool. and her perfect caramel waves. whore. top: nightcap, shorts: self made old seven jean cutoffs, necklaces: lj designs, blow, boots: steve madden
 rattlesnake ring: soixante neuf
 wrap bracelet: chan luu
 this bitch again. still adorable. still hate her. but we could be twins cause i have this jacket and top. except that i would be the danny devito to her arnold schwarzenegger. jacket: blu moon, top: paul&joe sister, boots: seychelles, hat: vintage
 you can buy this delight here
 felicity in action shooting the lookbook.....opium den was the theme this week....check out the pics tuesday!
 makeup/hair goddess jenny kim was responsible for the lovely ladylocks. wait till you see the masterpiece that is the swiss miss fishtail below:
 new wildfox up thursday! me likey.


  1. I just found your blog and I Love it! I have those Steve Madden boots, I love what they've been styled with!

    XoXo Stacey


  2. OOps! Meant for for my question to be posted here - I've been looking for these tan Steve Madden ankle boots everywhere but have been S.O.L. I'm sure they're probably old but but any chance you know what they're called?? Thx! xx

  3. hi! ok so the boots are from last year....so annoying cause i want them too!!! and no idea what they are called, i tried that too!! we are both s.o.l! wahhhhh


    a <3