rip recollection: volume 1

 this a multi part series/dedication to a line that is no longer, recollection. my best friend pj was the designer, and it was amazing, and everything was made out of vintage fabrics. working with him on the lookbooks wasn't even like working it was so fun. (but now he has an equally cool gig at 12th street by cynthia vincent, and we still get to work together thank god!) this shoot was for the resort collection, and we shot it at this rad house on the beach in malibu. the models name was natalie, and she was adorable and sweet. if she looks familiar it's cause she was just on the cover of the free people catalog---stoked for her. she also has a blog called natalie off duty. the weather was perfect, and it made me happy i live in california. and have such a cool job.

photographer: felicity byrne, stylist: me, hair/makeup: pircilla pae


  1. i'm so sad recollection isn't together anymore! that shoot was so awesome, definitely one of my favorites! thanks so much for posting these photos and bringing back memories. that was such a fun shoot! miss u! :)



  2. Amazing blog! The super long feather earring she's wearing in the last photo..where is this from?


  3. firdaus-

    the feather earring is from the rose bowl....but there's a line called owlita that makes the exact same ones!!

    ashley <3

  4. I'm loving the turquoise bracelet from the last photo. Where is it from?

    ps. lovely shoot, and whole lot a of sun ... sigh lol

  5. So inspiring!! I would love to know where you got each and every piece of jewelry but I know that could be a chore... So maybe just the amazing necklace from the last shot??

  6. anonymous---

    so happy you like! i loved all the jewelry too! most of it was mine, but the necklace you are referring to was from planet blue, and it was by society for rational dress. all the leather necklaces are by love heals, whom i LOVE, and the silver plate necklace is by elizabeth & james. not a chore! let me know if i missed anything you were dreaming about.

    a <3