ladies who lunch

long lovely ladylunch with some of my favorite friends: molly, felicity, and lillian. they are all talented, amazing bitches. and im so lucky to have them all as friends. we had a long drunken real housewives style lunch and it ruled. i wish i was doing that right now.
vintage karl lagerfeld top, topshop leather bra, cleavage courtesy of the moscow mules from lunch.
 molly designer her pants. they are from her line barlow. she is just amazing. and i love her fade. and her amazing mustard and purple combination. she's the cutest little nugget.

felicity nursing her drink like a little baby....top ring is vintage, bottoms is an old key that was bent into a ring. she got it at this amazing store in ny that i can't remember the name of.....real informativeso jealous of lillians bold lip during the day---rings vintage, except the one below the gold band is iosselliani.molly's mag, louis vuitton little napsack, and notepad----she was writing down inspiration for the day....today was carmen sandiego. because lillian frequently rocks the carmen sd look. like today.
day drinking continued at felicity's laurel canyon lair....one of my favorite places ever. also my favorite? this diab'less dress. the fact that this company is no longer around makes me cry every time i look at this little bit.

hair goddess of the universe jenny kim. and her rings that i always obsess over. the diamond one below she calls her dynasty piece. my favorite.


  1. You all look so fabulous! I particularly love felicity’s rings. The vintage one looks stunning, and the bended old key is also kinda cute. At first glance, it doesn’t really look like an old key. It’s like a real gold plated ring. And she’s definitely rocking it!

  2. Awesome rings! What I liked the most is that old key turned into a ring. Isn’t it fantastic? Well, it just proves that old things may still be useful, doesn’t it? You just have to be more creative to come up with something extraordinary!

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