guat up?

so i took a whirlwind trip to guatemala last month. like a weekend. it was so fast i basically don't even remember it. just kidding. well, kinda :/ i went with my homies zoey grossman and for love and lemons, on a sneaky little project. it was a lottttt of work and a whole lotta fun. and tequila. the only evidence i really have of being there are these photos. on our patio at our hotel. while the model was getting hair and makeup i forced zoey to take a few pics right outside of our room. oh, the perks of your best friend being a photographer. my boyfriend will eternally thank me for sparing him such a task. i fuckin' love this dress. i love it so much i think i may have it in 7 different colors/prints/fabrics. so you will be seeing this bad boy again. not sorry! also, lets talk about the 3 day weekend comin' up. lets. do. dis.
dress//for love and lemons, dagger necklace//pamela love, coin necklace and rings//child of wild, boots//kelsi dagger, jacket//acne, photos//zoey grossman


  1. Love the back of that dress- gorgeous xx

  2. Absolutely adore for love & lemons, been eyeing this dress for a while now!

  3. Loving this, you have awesome style!!

    xoxo, Diana

  4. Gorgeous dress, not my favorite print but you're definitely working it.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love your blog it's super cool! I love the inspiration that this brings to me! I am so overly obsessed with with the dress and accessories that are going with this outfit!I love the dress and I even think that it's a dress that could be worn in the fall/ winter seasons with some leggings and a cardigan. It could be used with the stylish bearpaw fur boots to keep warm. I know that bearpaw boots are on sale at www.shoedaca.com .
    Thank you for the style inspiration!


  6. you are some wild mama, ashley!
    everything is so hot! dress, jacket, the killer jewelry and well, the hot red boots i´m drooling over!


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  8. that dress is beautiful...I don't blame you!

    xx StyleGodis

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