dancing with myself

soooo pensive. thinking about fashun. 
 some serious carmen sandiego vibes right here.
so i may or may not have been inebriated during this post. i think my hazy lazy eye in the last picture just gives it away. i think i would've gotten away with it had it not been for that last picture. damn it! ok soooooooo i'm not at fashion week right now. i'm sitting on my couch watching ID tv. that's investigation discovery if you're not in the know. i can't handle the pressure of nyc during fashion week. it's just too much. plus, i think fashion shows are kinda boring, and i hate waiting in lines. i mean if i got a delicious donut/croissant at the end of the line, maybe i would be down. i think i see clothes on a daily basis so i don't feel the need to fly 6 hours to see more clothes. instead, i have ID benders and go over to zoey's to take blog pics. winning. i am however, going to nyc in october for my bday. i've been more times than i can count, but does anyone have any recommendations of awesomeness that i can't miss? let's talk. k love you bye.
dress//novella royale, boots//opening ceremony, crystal cuff//spell, coin necklace//child of wild, thunderbird necklace//torchlight, photos//zoey grossman


  1. those are awesome pictures! Btw I do not expect to see you in fashion week either, it is not your type of blogging:)

  2. When in NY, grab a burger at Shake Shack. Hope you're not a vegetarian!

  3. gorgeous! love your dress and jewelry xx

  4. these are incredible xo


  5. you look great! sick of fashion week feed anyway :)

  6. The dress looks amazing! I'm in love once again with the accesories :)

    - Laura

  7. Seriously love you and the refreshing honesty! THANK YOU! I've seen little snippets of fashion week here and there, tried to stomach the occasional TV coverage I've seen but, let's face it, when reporters will swoon over something just because it's in to kiss a designer's a$$, I'm NOT impressed! Fashion is supposed to inspire and turn you on at some level. And some looks have been amazing. Some bland as hell. Loving your vibe and look and I would not have thought you inebriated but, well, now that you have given it away... ;-)

    Leila (peeking out from behind the 39nineteen curtain)

  8. Look at those boots! Peeped toe! Amazing! Very art-like photos. Great work. I must say, modeling is not easy. You should really be proud of these photos. Nice work.

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    Facebook Page

  9. I took skipped fash week this year and also hate lines lol. Great photos as always. As for rec's if you like happy hour and oysters and delicious food hit up The Mermaid Inn. So yum.


  10. no link to the shoes?? are they old? can i have them?!~~

  11. Love the outfit! Killin' it as usual

    Do an outfit post on Coney Island or some burger joint when you're in NYC next!


  12. Absolute beauty! I love your style and you are my blogging inspiration I follow avidly always awaiting your next look!! TRULY a Beautiful soul and so inspired by your free fashion vibes as I am a free spirit soul searcher as well. Dream to meet you and run in the streets together photoing each other in our fashions, creating mesmerizing raw moments. To capture the essence. To see the soul in the images. To dance in the rains, and see all lives little beauties! Ah to dream.. Those moments where our souls take flight and allow us to be whoever we dream to be. But to live our dreams is ultimate purpose and goal.
    Following and admiring your radiant energy.

    instagram jenniwentworth

    Hope to hear from you! xo

  13. your jewelry is fucking awesome.