smells like teen spirit

really channeling my inner teen angst here. droopy slouchy shady and shifty! here's post #2 with nordstrom. it's so satisfying to me that i can finally wear layers in los angeles you have no idea. it gets so boring when its 1,000 degrees outside and the only thing you are truly rocking is a sweat mustache. and don't even get me started about not having central air.......alas, now i can complain that it's so cold (65 degrees) and how we really need a heater in our apartment. just kidding! sorta. happy hump day! we are almost to the weekend my friends. insert praise hands emoji. x
velvet maxi, flannel, slouchy cardi, all c/o nordstrom
photos//zoey grossman


  1. Damn, I like this look! And your hair :) Girl, get out;P You shouldn't complain we have at least -20 over here in Norway soon! :/ No, just kidding, I know it's no cool when it's too hot either! ;) Either way, loved your outfit, I really want that shirt.. and the dress... :) xx

  2. Your hair looks fabulous! Really nice pictures xx


  3. Killing the game, as always!


  4. I've missed your posts! you're looking great!!! xx

  5. you are killing it with this outfit and so is zoey with her photography skills! digging the grungey vibe of this post!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  6. You make these pieces look way cooler than the Nordies model. Work it grrrl.

  7. Just found ur blog and i'm digging! ... Awesome lool and your hair! Its the perfect ombre... Love it... Enjoy the cool weather, i hate it though, im leaving san diego in 3 weeks for the caribean, i try to live during summer seasons all year long. Stay cool

  8. omg I can't believe I didn't know about your blog until now.
    these photoshoots are amazing. you are sooooo talented. I <3 you and now following you on bl.

    <3 Emi

  9. Hey! Are you able to tell me what bra you are rockin here? I think it is the same one in your NastyGal feature, but they dont seem to have it on the site. Thanks yo!