pink powder puff

sooooooo if you're still checking my blog (hi grandma!) you might be wondering…..what the hell is ashley doing and why the hell doesn't she ever post?? i mean, i agree. i've been working so damn much but thats no excuse! i actually feel super sad that i haven't been blogging……as much as i feel like a tool when i'm getting my photo taken (which is all the time----the feeling like a tool part) and ESPECIALLY when a passerby sees the blogging in action (the most embarrassing)-----thats also no excuse! the moral of this story is that i am gonna try my hardest to give ye ole purse 'n boots some love, cause i been doin' this too long to just give up! zoey was also out of town for like 2 months so i blame her for my blahg neglect. cause lets be honest, if grossman wasn't behind the lens there wouldn't be a single cool picture of me. i hereby declare i am making an effort to update this bitch more often than once a month. wish me luck!
coat and boots//zara, dress//vintage, rings//jacquie aiche and pamela love, bangles//vanessa mooney x for love and lemons, photos//zoey grossman


  1. This outfit is perfection.
    I love that coat.

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  2. These photos have such a gorgeous quality to it. I love them. x

    Life of Niss

  3. pleeease do update more often i love your blog, you put outfits together in such interesting ways x

  4. Drooling over your outfit as per usual. I know what you mean about people watching as blog photos are being taking. I always seem to meet lots of bums that are super chatty as I'm trying to take photos...lol
    Thank god we still have instagram to stalk your amazing style ;)

  5. aaahh.. that coat! I've been wanting a pink coat, and I've officially seen too many to not have one of my own. Thanks for convincing me! Love the rings and things :)


  6. This outfit couldn't be any more perfect! Love the 60's vibe.

    Ripped Jeans

  7. Luck! And I think you can wear just about any look...Glad you're baaaaack!

  8. Loving this! Your rings are so gorgeous!

  9. Yay a new post and a great one at that! Love this look. The coat and boots=perfection!

    Neon Fox