ribbed (for your pleasure)

sooooo i'm not gonna talk about how i haven't posted in 3 MONTHS but instead i'm gonna pretend nothing is fucked up about that and continue on talking about my daftbird collab. and my most favorite, most worn on a daily basis, ribbed tank. its a super fine rib, thin and soft, and obviously i rip and tore and stretched the shit out of mine so its now super duper low (in these photos it hasn't been torn or pulled so you can see the true shape, but on you can see how mine look now on my instagram). we decided when making this tank that we would design it so it wasn't insanely low in case people didn't want their boobs to pop out (which is totally understandable) buttttt if you did want that you could just tug at the neckline and you could get that super low vibe. don't be afraid to pull and tear at your tees-----i do it with every tee i've ever owned and i promise they only get better and better----i pull until i can hear things ripping and im like ok yeahhhh there are gonna be some little holes at the neckline, its gonna be nice and low,  and its gonna be one of a kind! so tear away my friends! or you can ship it to me and i will have my way with it. hahaha that sounded so wrong but you know what i mean! xx
photos//zoey grossman <3


seeing stars

oi! been a minute. my computer had some sort of meltdown while my boyfriend was using it and was in the shop for like 3 weeks. who knows what was wrong with it but it works now so here i am! i have a bunch of shit i have posted here and there on my instagram but haven't posted on the blahg! this little festive getup is one of them. i fuckingggg love this casual little 2 piece. i didn't think of myself as someone who would wear a star 2 piece set but i guess i hadn't ever seen a cute star 2 piece set until i laid my eyes on this little lenni number. and now i'm wondering what other matching 2 piece sets i can get my hands on…….i'll be back super soon like monday soon k love you bye.
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winter wanderer

one of my favorite for love and lemons knitz lookbooks to date. with one of my favorite humans alive, marta dixie. who literally kills it every time i work with her. knitz is super fun for me to style because i get to mix my own things in and create my ideal outfits. like i will probably be wearing these outfits for fall, although i wont look as cool as marta does. which i can accept, only cause i love her. one of the downfalls to being a stylist, you never look as good as your subjects. or maybe you do and i'm being self deprecating. whatever! yeah so this is my fall look. a layered, sexy brett michaels. i was thinking circa the 80's when he was cool and relevant, and not so much rock of love cause, well, ed hardy and affliction. yeah, i just took it there. heeeyooooooo!
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baseball bores me but this tee does not

so i thought i would post my daftbird collab lookbook one tee at a time so i could chat a bit about each tee and why i wanted it to be made. first up: the baseball tee. i love this guy cause its the perfect mix of tomboy and sexy. obviously all the tees are crazyyyyy soft----thats a given. no one wants a scratchy ass tee. it has tacked, rolled sleeves, gold buttons, and a super flattering neckline---look at me go-----i could be on the home shopping network with these descriptions!!! hahaha ok so with this guy i like doing what i call the half/sloppy tuck-----unbuttoning the bottom 2 buttons, shoving one half into whatever bottoms you're wearing, and voila! the perfect disheveled but neat in and out. easy breezy and not too sleazy. you can find the baseball, and all the other tees here: shopdaftbird.com 
photos//zoey grossman <3