winter wanderer

one of my favorite for love and lemons knitz lookbooks to date. with one of my favorite humans alive, marta dixie. who literally kills it every time i work with her. knitz is super fun for me to style because i get to mix my own things in and create my ideal outfits. like i will probably be wearing these outfits for fall, although i wont look as cool as marta does. which i can accept, only cause i love her. one of the downfalls to being a stylist, you never look as good as your subjects. or maybe you do and i'm being self deprecating. whatever! yeah so this is my fall look. a layered, sexy brett michaels. i was thinking circa the 80's when he was cool and relevant, and not so much rock of love cause, well, ed hardy and affliction. yeah, i just took it there. heeeyooooooo!
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