gimme shelter

 finally! all the fruits of my "i haven't been posting cause i don't have any time" labor can be shared! and this is a good one----i had a super amazing time in the desert with foam magazine for their march issue-----with my bff zoey grossman, and super babe gillian zinser for a coachella themed story.......even though it was a weekend and i had to wake up at 5 am, i couldn't even be bitter because it was such an awesome day. got to gypsy out with sparkly hands, bellbottoms, chain bras, glow sticks, fringe-y jackets, crop tops and cutoffs galore, all the while soaking up rays and laughing my ass off. made me want to get my festival on and sip warm beers in the polo fields! all of these badass wears are available here.
photography//zoey grossman, model//gillian zinser, styling//ashley glorioso, hair//ramsell martinez


let's ellgy pocr

 i received a bountiful bestowing of rad rings----a gilded finger sling from rbrth, and some sick stackers from my soul sister amanda, aka luv aj. i sure do love me some rings. yes. i. do.
sulkasaurus rex right there. i don't know how i'd be sulking after the day of joy i experienced when 1.  passersby were wondering if i was wearing anything under my completely sheer skirt, and 2. when they looked at the puzzling message on my shirt wondering, what the hell does that say? unif = clever as fuck. it's rare that i get such enjoyment out of t-shirts, but between this, and suck my richard, that's some t-shirt tastic shit. deep thoughts. sooooooooo if you are super on it and already scoped the news out here, i am now a stylist for nasty gal. if you haven't heard of them you might be living under a rock. and if you have you probably know that i am stoked. ok. that's it for now. promise a new post soon. have some lookbooks and another outfit post ready to go. so get excited dudes. me love you long time.
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boogie nights

 2 weeks. grossly unacceptable for the updating of one's blog. but i swearrrrr ALOT has been going on. and clearly it's alot because i used caps and i hate the shit out of capitol letters. obviously, no surprise, i have been working like a banshee. this shoot is one of my all time favorites, if not my ultimate favorite shoot for planet blue, ever. my homie homeslice jp is in town for a few months, and who better to play the ultimate 70's vixen/roller girl goddess than her. i'm also turning over a new leaf as far as work goes....you will find out in due time what that means. i really do love this shoot. and it came together so effortlessly-----between the clothes, zoey always being amazing, jp, the roller rink (that was open solely for us)......oh, and did i mention jp almost turned pro in rollerskating at 13? talk about divine intervention.
photography//zoey grossman <3, model//jp, styling//me, hair//ramsell martinez, makeup//stacey tan