ron burgundy

 my new favorite necklace/weapon in dark alleys.
  burgundy boats.
scotch scotch scotch....i lo---i do not love scotch. it makes me gag. even just the thought of it. so. gnarly. i do however, love burgundy. love me some burgundy.  when i stumbled on these boots online i may have shed a tear of joy. can't get ever have enough boot. and i love a summer boot---these have amazing built in cut-out ventilation for those hot schweaty days. too bad the cut-out went literal and cut out a chunk of my foot the first day i wore them. limped for a day, and took a week to recover. it's safe to say we are currently in a love/hate relationship. i'm stuck in a major big top and short short rut right now. not that it's a new thing, but in the summer, it's on the daily. and i really do have shorts on under there, i swear. 3 day weekend dudes. you know what that means. go big or go home! but stay away from the scotch.
dress: sample, boots: barney's co-op, rosary bracelet: born gypsy, coin necklace: ax+apple


naughty by nature

 thigh burning stairs of infinity.
 a river runs through it.
 i've been watching you, watching me.
 blair witch project vibe up in here. was not feeling it. went in anyway.
better late than never dudes! sorry for the hiatus. it's been work, work, oh! and i almost forgot---work. i've been trying to teach coco (yeah, my dog she's really smart) how to post for me, but she has trouble typing cause she doesn't actually have fingers.....damn her. so yeah. here are some pictures from a lewis&clark foraging exploration/lookbook shoot for planet blue. creeper weird ruins hidden in the hills of malibu. a pretty rad day at the office.
shorts: one teaspoon, top: joie, boots: minnetonka (not recommended for hiking btw).


slippin' on some sizzurp

 i was not buying the sizzurp here....come on, it was the morning!
thought i would counteract my bathing suit/booty short derelict weekend with an attempt at being demure. and my continued love/hate relationship with this bubble slip dress. it's one of my favorite things.....so thin and interesting, rad details....and of course the foofy little bubble hem. but. every time i wear it, it feels so girly. like kitten heel girly. so i tried to offset it in every way possible. jewelry-snagged holey giant t-shirt with a coffee? soy sauce? stain on it (thank god for photoshop), unpainted toes (no close-ups here), and bedhead dreads (which i enable). but i still felt like a daytime ballerina of some sort. next attempt, maybe goth herman munster platforms and a death metal tee?
t-shirt: hero crane, sweater: joie, slip: kamishima chinami, pics: zoey grossman


something about mary

 nothing like a tallboy in the elevator to get the party started. do you think b.f. eye's are saying, "she better slow her roll"?
shirt: levi's (dude's), shorts/brakini (told you that thing is on heavy rotation): one teaspoon
 this isn't even the biggest size beverage they serve. z and i really putting in work here. serious.
 studying the 2386704 drink options......the thinker. rings, soixante neuf
 back that thing up! the festivities goin' on inside while we were drinking ourselves into oblivion.
best way to get from point a to point b.
 if you don't know, now you know.
 our girl group photo. the top is how we felt in the beginning of the night. the bottom is the end.
there really is something about mary....hamburger mary's. i think it might be the massively large drinks. or the 30 lb. nacho plate. here are some party hardy pics from my last hang with the crew. it's an affirmative that i will be doing this exact same thing tomorrow night---cause krystal is co-hosting the style like u party at tenoversix! if you live in l.a. you should come. have a drink or 17 with us! this time around i need to chill out on the mixing. after all this time you would think one would learn a lesson. tequila+vodka+beer+jager to top it all off = 100% headache guaranteed. who made up these false promises of liquor before beer you're in the clear? they lie. adios muchacas! weekend. starts. now.