i put a spell on you

now that i'm not on my death bed with strep throat anymore, i can get back to updating this bitch! sorry for my hiatus! i was laying in bed completely miserable, with a throat that was on fire. maybe you didn't notice i was even gone, in which case, you clearly don't love me. justttt kidding. anyway i'm stoked i finally got around to posting this lookbook i did a few months back from my loves at spell, with a girl who has been on my long list of people i want to work with, little miss charlotte free. a day at a beach house with this pretty kitty and a team that i love working with, those are the moments i'm like, fuck my job rules. hope you all had a good thanksgiving and are gearing up to rage at some holiday parties! i sure am. i'm gonna be decking those muthafuckin' halls! whatever that means. xx
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sweat-y betty

ok so i think that wearing sweats (like sleepy time sweats) out of the house is wrong. because i feel like 1. you look like a slob, and 2. it's just as easy to throw on a pair of jeans, a skirt, a onesie, a dress-----i mean basically anything else. disagree with me as you will, im not judging! you wanna walk around in your dirty jammies all day, rock it out! ok i'm off topic.....oh yes. sweats. sooooooo i didn't go far in these sweats, just to dinner------but i left the house in sweats. only zara can empower me in such a way. full plaid suits, sweats in public-----apparently i am under zara's spell at the moment. whatever dude, they are en fuego!
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