laborious b.i.g.

oh hey american apparel hoodie, you're my best friend. honestly thought it really is the most magical of layering components. 
this sick beast is from luv aj's newest collection. yes please. 
oh hi, i'm still alive. lurking. looking like a weird hip hop mogul gypsy. it's been so....cold. just so cold that i can't even come up with creative outfits even though i have cool jackets. and when i do i still manage to look naked somehow. i promise you if you spent all day err'day making other people look cool, by the time you got to yourself it would be like "cricket, cricket" (that's supposed to be an empty cricket sound in my brain trying to come up with something to leave the house in.) usually it's just whatever is closest to the bed. i have not given up people! i will ressurect and make my way back to cool outfit land. will i update every day, probably not. but i'm breaking this once every two month chain. beliede dat. ok love you bye.
jacket//vintage, hoodie//american apparel, tank//seneca rising, dress//for love and lemons, necklace//luv aj, bag//3.1 phillip lim, photos//zoey grossman