novella ella ella

i'm on muthafuckin' postin' firrreeee! have had to keep soooo many little gems hidden away for so long, it's so satisfying to lay them all on you all at once! here's a little collabo from my sister from another mister, mary from novella royale. i couldn't love her anymore, and this day was so fun, it really wasn't work at all. and i love me some abby brothers. she is the sweetest tenderoni and so insanely awesome to be around-----and her body is out of control. i actually think i hate her. just kidding. add my bff zoey grossman into the mix, and this is what transpires. TGIF homies! xx
photography//zoey grossman, styling//it's obvious, h+mu//stacey tan, model//abby brothers


baby's on fire

back. so soon. yeah, hows that for some stimulation overload? i'm actually shocked. at my very own blog. who is this bitch, and what did she do with purse 'n never posts? it might take me 16 years to do an outfit post but at least you dudes understand why. i work so much i barely have a day to drink a cold one, let alone look cute enough to necessitate an outfit post. im working on it. one of these days. or one of these weeks. or months?  but i sure will have some hot bitches in some cute clothes lurking on this baby. for love and lemons. fall 2012. meowza. xx
photography//zoey grossman, styling//do i even have to say its me anymore?, h+mu//stacey tan, model//shanay hall @ img


i shot the sheriff

monday's suck the big one. this lookbook doesn't! shot at the same trippy hippie commune in my last outfit post, for a badass jewelry line called the 2 bandits. liza is a super fox and was probably the easiest human being to dress thus far in my styling career with her banging' ass bod. and the endless tables of jewelry for the stackin' + texas tuxedos for days made this a pretty dreamy dream job. hope you chickens dig it!
photography//zoey grossman, styling//me man!, h+mu//adrienne herbert, model//liza yermalovich @ women