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so stoked to show you guys this----a little fourth of july pre-party americana action to get you in the spirit for the weekend! the latest planet blue lookbook. this is exactttly what i want to be doing on on the fourth---chillin' in my bathing suit, drinking some budweiser, lighting up some sparklers, soaking up the sun.....all of the above please! this was a rad day. i did have to spend the day making sure kara had the perfect wedgie, anddd i spent 30 minutes taking a pocket off of a t-shirt with a single pin, but it was par for the course and totally worth it. badass model, clothes that i want to be wearing right now, a perfect day in venice, and of course my girl zoey banging out some beautiful images. another day at the office. 
photography: zoey grossman, styling: me myself and i, model: kara searle w/wilhelmina


pepto party

 the pitfalls of light colored suede: dirt ripples. thanks for nothing scotch guard.
 look at that shirt. wrinkle city. rumplestiltskin. i may have pulled it out of the hamper.
 held out on alexander wang bags until this backpacktastic fool came along. and i scored it on sale. i know, shocking. i'm still shocked. put it on the barney's card. hello, finance charges.
 i should've called this post change your clothes. because this is allll i've been wearing lately. i've been in a seven month relationship with this jacket----we are gonna go the distance. maybe a fall wedding. the denim shirt has been slept in on many occasion, and the shorts haven't been removed from my body the entire week. i'm not gonna lie about these granny high waisted blindingly pink babies---they will ride up as far as you let them, there's not a sliver of stretch---whatsoever, and they aren't lined, which = itchy and scratchy like a mofo. but they are so effing cute to me that i deal with the trials and tribulations that come with wearing them. these boots were my best purchase of the year, and this hat i'm considering in every color. leather jackets and long sleeves in the summer is a damn shame california. don't use june gloom as an excuse.
shorts: kenny, shirt: one teaspoon, jacket: 3.1 phillip lim (this is a rad alternative), backpack: alexander wang, pics: zoey grossman


cream of the crop top

rationing the amount of times i wear this sweater because i always snag it in the gnarliest way no matter what. already have 3 huge holes going. only allowed 1 wear per 2 months. or i could just not wear jewelry with it. but that just isn't an option, cause then i'd be naked.
 been in a monochromatic mood. (no surprise there i'm sure). monochrome down to my pasty cream skin that is so desperate for a tan but is s.o.l. cause california's straight up refusing to have a summer. chilly/slightly warm/back to a chill is just not the jam. leaves for some uninspired dressing.....i've worn both this little fatty bubble tank and lace diapers before, though in very different hair moments! i miss my red hair. it went away too quickly. i know this isn't a world issue or anything, but i think about it every once in awhile and pour out a little liquor for my red that once was. why were you an upkeep nightmare? and why did you turn dull carrot orange in one wash? we could've had some nice times together red. you blew it. on the work tip, we've been shooting a ton of cool lookbooks for planet blue lately. (here's a recent favorite). since it's my job and we do the lookbooks every week, by the time it's done we are brainstorming and onto the next one. gotta start posting them more often. i mean at least then you guys will see what i do all day and why it takes me a hundred years to post!
shorts: h&m, top: recollection, sweater: rebecca taylor, bag: chloe


yankee doodle dandy

 love me some leather necklaces---marisa haskell makes some insane ones. this multi-strand bolo tie thing i am in love with. love at first sight. throw it in the bag.
 minimal sally in the hizouse! i always love 2 finger rings, this one if the jam. bangles: torchlight
 growing these bitches out. our love affair was very short lived.
a skeezy michael jackson impression.
backing that thing up right there. no shame! a post full of poses. i apologize for the medley of dork faces in every post but it's really hard to take yourself seriously day after day. when i initially started taking outfit photos i would cut my head off, so that people were forced to look at the clothes, and wouldn't think i was trying to be cool in pictures. cause that's just cheesy. i could've called my blog the headless clothes-horseman. monday edition of: deep thoughts. i love this geisha walk inducing beauty of a skirt. my second score from stone_cold_fox. the other is this ass grazing doily of a thing. my job is counterproductive i tell you. i spend money at the same time as i make it. getting paid in clothes. let me tell you----tops, skirts, jackets, and jewelry don't pay the rent. damn. cause if they did i think i'd be able to retire.
skirt: stone_cold_fox, tank: blue life, hat: christy's, pics with extra doodley tlc: zoey grossman