baseball bores me but this tee does not

so i thought i would post my daftbird collab lookbook one tee at a time so i could chat a bit about each tee and why i wanted it to be made. first up: the baseball tee. i love this guy cause its the perfect mix of tomboy and sexy. obviously all the tees are crazyyyyy soft----thats a given. no one wants a scratchy ass tee. it has tacked, rolled sleeves, gold buttons, and a super flattering neckline---look at me go-----i could be on the home shopping network with these descriptions!!! hahaha ok so with this guy i like doing what i call the half/sloppy tuck-----unbuttoning the bottom 2 buttons, shoving one half into whatever bottoms you're wearing, and voila! the perfect disheveled but neat in and out. easy breezy and not too sleazy. you can find the baseball, and all the other tees here: shopdaftbird.com 
photos//zoey grossman <3


vsa all day

when VSA told me they wanted to send me a giant box of jewelry to style any which way i was like ok whats the catch?! luckily there was none and i got to make a bunch of looks and stack on a bunch of jewels and hang out with my friends, eat a variety of overly flavored chips, listen to rap music and dance like we're in the club, day drink, and shoot this little lookbook. jewels, faux furs, and lots of prints. just how i like it! now back to the real world. work work work work work work oof. special shout out to my best fraaaands stacey tan for doing my makeup and zoey grossman for taking these pics. love you bitchezzzzz.