ashexander wang

i mean if alexander wang can do it, why can't i? i can take advantage of a good bathroom with the rest of them! and this pepto paradise made for a perfect backdrop. i am super into miniskirts right now for some reason-----i went on a miniskirt bender and this lace up bad boy was on of my casualties. i also got 2 mohair miniskirts----one in pink and one in baby blue. i have no idea what's going on with me right now. also, those aren't silver boogers hanging out of my nose, i randomly got my septum pierced cause i was bored. figured its easily hidden and doesn't leave a scar so why not? i did get a sinus infection a week later which was really awesome for the healing process. ok love you bye!
jacket//sandro, hoodie//twelfth street, tee//daftbird, skirt//zara, bra//la perla, boots//isabel marant, bag//howl & horn, photos//zoey grossman