here's a little hint on where i went on my roadtrip this weekend....pictures coming soon!
talk about splendor in the grass....i was soaking up every single ray of that sun i could get! i'm as white as that dress right now---please shine your golden, tan inducing light upon me! and here's my next hair move---i'm back to my roots! haven't had my own hair in a minute. the best news is: 1.  i'm not gonna become carrot top in the next few days, and 2. you're gonna get a break from that grey hat that has been permanently glued to my noggin. thoughts? i'm into it! dark and stormy. had an amazing mini road trip this weekend with zoey, krystal, and aaron. a little lookbook assignment for planet blue. stayed in a crazy room fit for barbie and ken's anniversary. shenanigans ensued, and pictures are to follow.
dress: evil twin, long necklace: natalie b., boots: dolcetta, photos: zoey grossman


from the cradle to the grove

two things i've been feeling lately: the rooftop, and this hat. i love hats. especially when you have carroty orange hair every couple days. say adios to this mop. it's gone. the relationship is over. who has the time to upkeep this? it's like a red lip during the day---a challenge. r.i.p. big red. you were fun while you lasted. this is also my second installment on the "tourist in your own city" tour (the first, union station), this time at the grove, riding the trolley and all. the "ride" lasts about 2 minutes. it takes longer to load the thing than the actual ride. but i loved it. the weekend is here. going on a little road trip with some friends. a little work, a little play, a lot of pictures.
top: stylestalker, peacock jacket: winter kate, velvet jacket: twelfth street, shoes: sam edelman, jeans: genetic, body chain: bliss lau


abominable snowman

 hunchback of los angeles, taking in the sunset.
nothing like a good yeti vest. although i wouldn't call it particularly flattering. i look like i have football safety gear on. and that back shot? woah. these shoes don't get enough love in my world. i wore them to dinner once, and other than that my dog is the only one to lay eyes on these babies. the problem is no one wears heels in l.a., so i feel so fancy huh. at night, yes, you will see an occasional heel up in the club---but that's about it, and i haven't been to new york in a minute....so in my closet they stay, along with those torturous acne atacomas and other heeled castoffs dying to be scuffed. i need to move somewhere it's acceptable to wear heels on a regular basis. although my boats would get tired sore and i'd probably wimp out and end up in boots anyway. deep thoughts, i know.
dress: twelfth street, faux fur vest: graham&spencer, necklace: im:mortal, black stone ring: soixante neuf, boots: marni


son of a beach

it was bone chilling cold at the beach. didn't really think about that when i got dressed this morning.  my lips were blue when i took my vest and jacket off to show my shirt. i photo-shopped it out. kidding---the boots acted as a half pant so i wasn't actually dying. this guy was awesome. i was so excited to take a picture with him---look at that cheeser smile. he was singing an amazing song about hot dog on a stick the whole time we were there. i also happened to be twinsies with lily---not only exact top but paired with shorts too? full on. it was like we called each other ahead of time 7th grade style.
top/jacket: blu moon, shorts: patterson kincaid,vest: free people, bag: olivia harris


oracular spectacular

 badass coat hanger. r.i.p. navy floppy hat.
feral children/yeti hair.
 we all wanted to be wearing mary's outfit. she rules.
 she's so awesome she even coordinated her drink with her outfit.

why do i look like the alien in that painting, the scream?
 making it rain.
have you ever laid down in the back of a truck and driven down sunset packed like sardines? yeah, seems like a bad idea now. here's the view.
 sarah. and her 12 year old backpack.
a blur of a weekend makes for a blurry picture post. a double trouble visit of life with my sisters soul, mandy and krystal. included (but was not limited to): cabbin' it/the stone cold fox/novella royale/luv aj party/lemon drops and pabst/winklepickers/zucchini sticks at 3/wallet trashing/the "drink tent"/bathroom photoshoots/bribes/melrose ave/70's fire gathering/couch crashing/homeboy good time. <3