2011 holla!

happy new year! just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me the last couple of months and scoped out the blog! it has been so unexpected and i couldn't be more stoked that you guys are picking up what i'm throwing down. you never know what to expect when you embark on this kind of journey and all the support and kind words has been so overwhelming. to 2011!!!! cheeeeers! xx ashley <3


the velvet underground

  a new addition to my nugget bag collection....this fuschia velvet nugget is by something else. does it remind you of dennis rodman for some weird reason?

something is weird with my camera. i look like a comic strip. soooo i'm gonna have to work on that and hope you guys like fashion comics! here's another kite & butterfly sample (seriously the best sample sale booty i have ever come away with). i also have this jacket in nude, which is a little technicolor dreamcoat. you can see it here. this is it's albino sibling. which i adore equally as much.
top: society for rational dress, jeans: malibu denim, hat: rag&bone, bag: something else by natalie wood, back alley creeper: me


i whip my hair back and forth

vintage pics from a couple years ago.....my old hair. had this hair for the long haul. i do miss the ombre, but sometimes you need a change. first i tackled cut, now i'm working on the color. im currently in a transitional phase (so as not to completely fry my hair) and will have something completely different within the next month...something i've never done before. i'm excited. these pictures are by my bff/photographer felicity byrne. at her laurel canyon lovers lair.

geez louise

a video i did with one of my favorite jewelry lines, louise manna, for planet blue. you've seen me wear her body chains here, her necklaces here, and here....i sport her garb on the regular...you can wear her things 209742 different ways, and all the chains are rad and totally unique and substantial. no chintzy chainage goin' on here. hope you like! the fast motion made me get the spins a little...but take the risk! it's worth it. live life on the edge!


grey goose

i never knew i had so much grey in my closet. until i keep having to think of grey names for a post title and i realize i am running out of ideas....anyone, anyone? bueller? and yes, shorts again. winter shorts. new york is getting dumped on, and on the hunt for more high waisted shorts. why aren't there more high waisted items in the world? i know i'm not the only one who thinks this. maybe my aussie amigos will make throw me a winter short bone, since it's summer there....must research....i should change the blog to shortshorts 'n boots.
top: patterson kincaid, jacket: winter kate, boots: glued to my feet


i think i smell a rat

oh wait, it's just stella (my sisters dog) who i've been watching for the last verrry long week. she's cute i get it, but this little lady is a needy one. don't be fooled by her adorable tiny face. just nabbed this backless delight from one of my favorite sites, <3 spanish moss <3 stylestalker, i'm currently coveting everything you are putting out there. and you don't cost my left are and my right leg. i'm dying to get my hands on those corsety catwoman black leggings.....meow
top: stylestalker, pockets (oh, i mean shorts): rvca, boots: opening ceremony, garter: litter sf


on the 12th (street) day of xmas

this party gave to meeee (we're singing here)...way too many cocktails for free! a few pics from the twelfth st. holiday party...have been so stoked to do their last 3 lookbooks. seen here with homies zoey, pj (heads the design team and loves to jump in pictures), and chelsea <3 (apparently we got the same memo on the xmas lace garb)...mine a new delight from kite & butterfly--huge score it was from a sample sale when does that ever happen?! a night of tallboys, silver dollar pancakes, and standing by the dumpster....fun times. hoping these will get you all in the party spirit and ready for new years!  hope everyone had a merry xmas!


everybody's working (on) the weekend

my amateur hour behind the scenes shots taken while styling the twelfth st. by cynthia vincent summer 2011 lookbook. i'm not allowed to show any of the good stuff....yet....expect some ethereal southwest prints (sounds like an oxymoron i know), lace batwing tops, maxi skirts....will post the lookbook as soon as i can!
pictures: gorgeous anna i. from ny models/jewelry look 1/the studio: calm before the storm/jewelry look 2/beach hair perfection by jenny kim, insane tribal necklace from native la <3/my dream ethereal goddess gown. here it goes, hurry up and wait! p.s. my planet blue picks/lookbook for new year is up! see it here!


colonel mustard

mustard maxi---you've might have seen me wear this in the short version, here...this is the maxi version, worn  with my fauxdarte cardigan. i mean, who can afford a three thousand dollar sir-snags-alot open weave cardigan, really? although the real one comes pre-snagged so i guess i could wear my gaggle of jewels with my extravagantly expensive cardigan....and if i was that rich i would probably only wear it once anyway! anyway i sorta hate this cardigan because it really does gets stuck on something every step of the way---talk about frustration city.
dress: blu moon, cardigan: twelfth street, boots: barney's co-op


don't be tardy for the party

dress: nightcap, crochet jacket: stone cold fox
top/shorts: stone cold fox, vest: antik batik
dress: jen's pirate booty, jacket: stone cold fox, chain garter: litter sf
outtakes from the planet blue web shoot this weekend with zoey (revealed: out from behind the lens! here in our opposite twin jackets)...for new years if you hadn't guessed. the girl that starts the party a littttle too early....which isn't a far stretch. actually it's autobiographical. might have happened last year. these are my personal  picks for new years. lovin' the lace. and crochet. and champagne. stating the obvious. and i couldn't get enough of stone cold fox <3. the shoot was not even like work. fun times. will post the lookbook when it comes out! will post everything i'm wearing tomorrow, here. even you international babes. will link asap. update: get it while it's hot! it's up! photography: zoey grossman