la dolce vita

back so soon! with something i'm super proud of. got to collaborate with my partner in crime/bff, zoey (and my most favorite hair and makeup team), for this awesome lookbook for nasty gal. i was really inspired by old school italian films----think federico fellini, 8 1/2, la dolce vita....i really wanted to roll with that whole vibe for this lookbook, with tenderoni/bombshell hailey clauson. it's not too hard making a 6 foot blonde brigitte bardot barbie look amazing. i'm super stoked on how everything turned out. hope you all like. oh yeah, and tgif. cheers to the freakin' weekend! xx
photography//zoey grossman, model//hailey clauson@next, styling//me myself and i, makeup//samuel paul@jed root, hair//ramsell martinez@streeters


rant and rave

yo bros! outfit post finalllyyyyy! hmmmm what's been going on...... one of you kind folks out there said i complain too much, in which i say, suck it! i can whine like emily the strange and that angsty mtv chick daria cause, i'm typing! another awesome anonymous friend (always-----grow a pair) said my styling sucks, in which i say, suck it! quick mini rant: why is it people think that if the opportunity to comment is there, whether it be instagram, a blog, whatever-----they think it's ok to talk shit? get a hobby negatrons! go out, meet some friends, enjoy yourself. put your goblet of haterade down and move on. what happened to being cool, kind, and god forbid, positive? i'm not trying to tony robbins or deepak chopra out, but i'm disspointed in human kind and all their negativity. that shit harshes my mellow. rant complete. oh yeah, the outfit-----spell spell and more spell! me being my dirtbag dreaded self. with way too many necklaces on. i was actually styling a shoot this day and i just wore a ton so i didn't have to carry them. but i never shy away from looking like mr. bohemian t. xx <3
dress//spell, jacket//kite&butterfly, shoes//oldddd, bag//spell, photos//zoey grossman


make it nasty

 hot cross buns! it's been a month. a grossly unacceptable month. so bad. i've stooped to a new level of neglect and blog betrayal. ok, i've been watching too many lifetime movies. take a monday load off and take a gander at what i've been up to at work: nasty gal's newest lookbook. it was a whole lotta sweat, water, glycerine mixed with water (new trick for the arsenal), sand, mist, and..... more sweat. chloe is the hottest french fox ever, and if i had to come back as another human it would probably be her. b.a.b.e. city. baberham lincoln, babeasaurus rex.....i could go on. and on. i love this lookbook----cutoffs for days, butts, baseball hats, garters, harnesses, and pot leaves? next up----outfit post. locked and loaded. i swear. much love boos. xx
model//chloe lecareaux @ viva, photography//paul trapani, styling//me! duh, hair//johnny stuntz, makeup//marco souza