leather weather

finally! getting cold enough to wear some pants! some tight leather pants. like super tight. like i almost split the butt when i sat down. i didn't, but i did indeed have a bit of a muffin top. no judgements. anywayyyy back on topic, i was super stoked when nordstrom asked me to style a couple of looks for savvy, i was like cool! i thought only my grandma read my blog! the trend is called lady heritage----and even though i'm not very ladylike, i sure do like to mix prints and textures! check out my picks righttttttt here. and don't you worry---- i got round 2 comin' on up. and yes, there is more plaid. plaid to the bone. sorry, i couldn't help it. oh yeah, happy halloweenie! xx


spotty dottie

still loving these little red riding boots. alot. except i went buzzed biking in them and now they have chain grease all over them. c'est la vie, eh?
this bag is more ladylike than what i usually carry, but its so fuckin' sleek! it will carry on to my g-ma years.
i've had my eye on this pamela love cage ring for so many damn years its not even funny. so i bit the bullet. the rose gold was just too damn tempting. damn you barney's credit card.
a lot of hand to mouth here. hand to mouth hand to mouth. i don't know what my deal is----maybe i have moved from putting my hands over my eyes to showcase ze jewels to a hand to mouth pose. the only other time i put my hand to my mouth more is when i'm shoving a hot pocket. ok, enough. soooo i love this little dress so damn much. it's one of my favorite lines, american gold and it was oh so sweetly sent to me by the lovely suzanne at spanish moss. thank you, for this dress that i wear so fuckinggg much its not even funny. i've even worn it twice at the airport, in case you were wondering. you weren't. ok nevermind. it's thursday bitches. friday, you are so close i can taste it. come to mama! x
dress//american gold, sunglasses//illesteva, bag//alexander wang, boots//kelsi dagger, photos//zoey grossman <3



hi guys. back from nyc, but still hungover. don't judge, it was my birthday! i am really stoked to share this lookbook-----i had so much freedom styling wise, which is always when i have the most fun! 2 designers i love-----for love and lemons, and vanessa mooney, came together to create this magical collab. i saw some images of the jewels, and i knew the model was going to be mah girl charlotte.  i came to the shoot with a bunch o' shit from my closet, and some insane hats from gladys tamez millinery. then i went to town. freestyling. literally and figuratively. i really really love this shoot. i think each image is so insanely beautiful. wow i'm being so positive and nice! i really must be hungover!!! outfit post, comin' right up. going to get a burger now. xx
supernova: for love and lemons x vanessa mooney, photos//zoey grossman, model//charlotte carey, hair+mu//ashlee rose