pencil me in

you guys ask about my bras alot, and i swear i will do a post about it. but in the meantime this is the bra im wearing here. and it's one of my faves. good thin straps. which are a must. cause let's get real i'm not holding anything serious up.
 boot strap: litter sf. gnarly sharp. predicting a puncture wound in my near future.
just got this thick chain bracelet, perfect addition to the stack.
 bang update: bothering me on a daily basis. like right here.
boring white wall post loves props. in this case my dog's burger. so close to my mouth. gross.
i rarely wear anything that is super fitted....but every once in a while i get a wild hair and decide: skintight! i even have a couple bodycon dresses lurking somewhere in my closet along with all things massive and flowy, huge and unflattering. like it's friend the blazer, i find the pencil skirt riding the wave of business attire. to take it out of the office,  an old baggy, see-through, bra showin' tee, and some dingy denim. you have to excuse me now, i am going to chill by the water cooler.
skirt: alexander wang, t-shirt: blue life, shirt: current/elliott, cardigan: 3.1 phillip lim


look ma, no pants!

the scary, painstakingly slow elevator in my building. i usually don't take it but these shoes are torture. stairs out of the question. oh, and contrary to my post title, i do have shorts on i swear.
top: patterson kincaid, sweatshirt: american apparel, shoes/bag: chloe
hot sake. cold sake. milky sake. thank you, 1/2 price drink night.
 went to cabo for the night with zoey and krystal.....
and then, baguettes? and dog make-outs post bar. my dogs face is desperately saying: "must...get...that bread!" it's nice to take a little load off on the weekends, hence the reason for the delay in my posts.....when i first started this i was posting every day, but it was a little overwhelming with my work load, so i've taken to the every other day....maybe 2 if im being extra slacker-y. is that lame? maybe no one noticed, and i just called myself out. hmm. dear weekend, i miss you. monday, i hate you.


a hard day's night

 here's the fall '11 lookbook i styled for twelfth st. by cynthia vincent. you mayyyy remember the behind the scenes shots, which i posted here. 2 sicckk models + 3 racks of insane clothing + piles of jewelry + (no joke) 90 looks + 12 hours  = one of the gnarliest shoots i've ever done. but it was so worth it once it was all said and done. i can tell you one thing, when next fall comes around, you can bet your ass i will be wearing those navy velvet pants. and the maxi dresses. and the grandpa sweaters. and the velvet burnout. and everything else. i love how im already talking fall and it isn't even spring yet. working so far ahead really messes with your mind i tell you! planning what to wear for fall next year? and we're about to do the holiday lookbook. holy hell i'm not thinking thatttt far ahead.
models: taylor warren with fusion/nina de raadt with ford, photography: zoey grossman <3, creative director/designer: pj faulstick <3


chitty chitty bang bang

 i finally did it. bit the bullet and bought my absolute favorite boots in another color. currently running their tan counterparts into the ground.
sorry to disappoint, no permed mullet....just a messy pair of bangs to go with my perpetual bedhead. my sister cut them last week out of pure boredom and a couple of beers (and maybe a shot or two). i called it a buzz cut--due to the state we were in, not the actual cut. i was already feeling restless with my hair (click on colors for a hair journey)...my ombre was long lived and long gone, the blond just wasn't working,  the red was too hard to keep up with, and my natural brown was....dull! i just want a good set of grown out, cheekbone length bangs. moving on from my hair deep thoughts, this is my new favorite tee. it's huge and slouchy and thin and low armholed (which is a must for me). also, some of you ask where i live cause i'm never super bundled up. to answer the question, i live in los angeles. born and raised. its called land of shorts all year long. and i'm just fine with that! 
t-shirt: blue life, tights: nightcap, sweater: twelfth st.