valley of the dolls

photo overloaddddd! sorry dudes, i narrowed this batch down from about 100----the narrowing down process is so hard, it's like a picking a favorite child! i've honestly been holding onto these photos for months on months on months. it's so satisfying to let this little cat outta the bag! my 4th soiree with mis amigos, for love and lemons. i'm about to shoot my 6th lookbook with them at the end of this month, and i'm stowing the 5th (summer) shoot away at the moment and i'm dying to post those too! i find the most frustrating part of shoots is keeping these things secrets! so don't tell me yours. i'll probably tell. juuuuust kidding. ok maybe not. xx
photography//zoey grossman, model//ashley smith@marilyn, styling//ashley glorioso, hair//ashlee rose@exclusive artists, makeup//samuel paul@jed root


electric ladyland

back from retirement. yet again. pretty stoked on this here little 'ole lookbook. this one for my place of business, otherwise known as nasty gal. got to team up with my partner in crime//bff zoey and hit the streets with the smoking hot human being that is britt maren. who only got like 7,291 honks and 2,509 whistles from creeps in cars. cause that works. 10 hours later, voila! i present to you: the fruits of our labor.
photography//zoey grossman, model//britt maren@women, styling//ashley glorioso, makeup//lottie@the wall group, hair//ramsell@streeters