trilla gorilla

my weekend of work is done. i made it. i'm still alive. just barely. i may in fact be sleeping whilst writing this post. i'm puttin' the zzzzzzzzzzzz in zombie. and i didn't get to post a ton of pictures cause everyone wanted to keep the good stuff under wraps, butttttt i'll be able to post the novella royale lookbook pretty damn soon! in fact, it will probably be my next post----which means, june. juuuust kiddinggggg. on to deep thoughts on clothes i am currently wearing. i love this gorilla jacket so damn much i don't even care that i look like a goth abominable snowman when i wear it. plus the frankenhooker boots (which, btw, i haven't worn since the heel snapped here) = i'm a big ole' weirdo. whatever. happy it'ssoclosetobeingtheweekendicanalmosttasteit. love, le zombie. xx
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pajama party hardy

fondling baby elephants. with a bevy of delightful new rings from my loves at vanessa mooney.
this bra does not deserve to be covered. unless it's something completely sheer. or doesn't exist at all.
chilling with a cock. it's a rooster, you pervs! get your minds out of the gutter! where i frequently hang out.
hats off to myself, for sucking at updating. dear ashley, if you're gonna keep a blog maybe you should slightly pay attention to it. my sister will be thoroughly annoyed i addressed the obvious inconsistent posting, but whatever. my excuse will always be "i'm working alot". cause i always seem to be "working alot". which i'm not complaining about. i'm even working this weekend. both. days. i may never update purse 'n booze ever again because i will be dead. dead tired. but i'm stoked about this weekend of work. i get to finallllly style a lookbook for my love mary from novella royale, anddddd work with my soul sisters from for love and lemons. with one of my favorite models of all motherfuckin' time. i will post some sneak peeks here for sure. instagram, i feel the need to mention, is a stomping ground for stranger assholes who feel it's perfectly ok to leave a stranger dick comment. you think my shoes suck? don't care. you don't like this picture? i hate you. and i'm gonna block your agro ass. rant. complete. on a lighter note, much love amigos. xx
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