let's bone

 body bag, party of one. you can literally fit a family of four in this beast. good luck finding my keys.
  posted a picture of this big bad wolf here. this thing is painful. who cares. it's one crazy mother cuffer.
slacka ass slackaaaaaa returns. i'll have you know the only thing i slack on in life is this blahggg. and maybe cleaning my room. this week has been nuts balls. i styled a lookbook on thursday, got one measly day off, then woke up at the most brutal hour of 5 am to drive to palm springs to shoot an editorial, which was way rad. (the editorial not the ungodly wake up call). and then today, another lookbook. my creative juices are running low. homegirl needs a vacation. a vacation where i don't have to come up with "jewelry stories". or say cute. and yes i know i was just wearing a long dress with a harness over it. did you just miss the sentence about creative juices running low?
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steer clear

 this is a michael jackson move for sure. unfortunately it's not the first time i've done this. this is
 ok so that was awhile. a long while. i was going to post some mindless banter over the weekend, but i got too consumed in putting up a "blackout curtain" (a blanket secured with safety pins) over my window and proceeding to get my rip van winkle on. that means sleeping in. a really long time. and then when i finally woke up i was busy testing my wii fitness age and having tennis and bowling marathons with b.f. warning: don't buy a wii. you will never leave the house. i might be a gamer----judge away. ok, soooo i' m supposed to talk about clothes right? this is my goth sorcerer dominatrix outfit. i look like i should to be stirring a bubbling cauldron. fashion talk: done.
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on the rocks

i couldn't love this completely impractical ring set any more. it gets tangled in every nook and cranny humanly possible, but don't think that stops me from spending an extra ten minutes of my day detaching myself from various inanimate objects. worth it.
son of a beach! i can't believe i already used that as a post title----damn. post titles are a test of my ability to outwit myself with various clever plays on words----it's a favorite pastime of mine. like with this post, i already used son of a beach, so i'm thinking, what rhymes with beach? leach? preach? do i move onto rocks instead? on the rocks is lame, so how do i incorporate rock out with your cock out into a post title. ok, maybe that's too vulgar. hmmmm i guess on the rocks it is. but don't think i'm gonna be satisfied with my completely bland post title. tomorrow i'll be driving and think of some awesomely funny rock/beach reference and hate myself for going with such a sub par title......and then realize i have issues. tuesday. deep thoughts. keepin' it real up in here.
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day tripper

sooooo my new year's resolution was to post more frequently. clearly i've already failed. i suck! you know what i decided? i'd be a super awesome blogger if i didn't have a job. because then i would have alllll the time in the world to put together fancy interesting outfits and clodhop around in heels and make zoey take pictures of me. but instead i work all day errrrr day and blogging seems just as awful as the word itself is----the word blog is super gross. i feel the same way about the word blog as i do about the word moist. blog sounds like something that happens after a bad case of food poisoning from a seafood buffet. wowwwww holy tangent---my tuesday edition of deep thoughts for you right there. back to the post at hand, here is the rest of the for love and lemons lookbook i styled eons ago! i can't waitttttt for my goods. when life gives you lemons, put that shit on your body.
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