guat up?

so i took a whirlwind trip to guatemala last month. like a weekend. it was so fast i basically don't even remember it. just kidding. well, kinda :/ i went with my homies zoey grossman and for love and lemons, on a sneaky little project. it was a lottttt of work and a whole lotta fun. and tequila. the only evidence i really have of being there are these photos. on our patio at our hotel. while the model was getting hair and makeup i forced zoey to take a few pics right outside of our room. oh, the perks of your best friend being a photographer. my boyfriend will eternally thank me for sparing him such a task. i fuckin' love this dress. i love it so much i think i may have it in 7 different colors/prints/fabrics. so you will be seeing this bad boy again. not sorry! also, lets talk about the 3 day weekend comin' up. lets. do. dis.
dress//for love and lemons, dagger necklace//pamela love, coin necklace and rings//child of wild, boots//kelsi dagger, jacket//acne, photos//zoey grossman


sun flares and scraggly hair

hello homies. what's this? oh this is an outfit post. shocking, i know. anyway, yes, i've been working alot. blah blah blah i'm so tired blah blah blah i've been too tired to post blah blah blah i sound like a broken record but the good news is.....i got some good shit to show you. like some good shit. so many lookbooks its gonna blow your mind. but let's talk about this outfit huh? isn't that what i'm supposed to do? i love these overalls from zara. and these jelly's on crack platforms are the besttttt. like leg lengthening miracles. too bad i never wear them cause i work in a little cave making other people look cool. other people being perfect gazelles who look good in everything. ugh. ok got off task again love you bye! xx
overalls//zara, jacket, bag//3.1 phillip lim, shoes//kurt geiger, photos//zoey grossman