proud mary

i promised no more maxi posts, and somehow, here's another! it's this red hair i tell you! took my boyfriend out for the first time in a couple weeks....he told me he didn't really like my red hair. whatever. he doesn't have a choice in the matter. he's a jacket. so, sometimes i can't really think of anything to write about in the posts.....like tonight. i mean, do people even read this? i have a feeling like 99% of people are picture lookers...i know i am! i'm a quick scroller kind of gal. you guys like text? or keepin' it short and sweet. holla back!
jacket: 3.1 phillip lim, top: recollection, skirt: ella moss, photos, zoey grossman


sack it to me

i don't know why i'm drawn to all things hugemongous....it's most likely so i can eat a crunchwrap supreme freely....i'm into the swallowed whole vibe (the dress not the crunchwrap). speaking of, this looks like a velvet dumpling. color and all. i should be dipped in a ponzu chili sauce.....as unflattering as this sack is, i love it. not only is it velvet, and as short as humanly possible, it gets even more awesome with these little dangly beaded nuggets. this would be my answer to: what would one wear to a baby shower on a sunday afternoon? congrats michelle <3. summer, please hurry up. my powdery white legs are calling.
dress: kite&butterfly, boots: barneys co-op



really been feelin the maxis all week apparently! maxis this week, short shorts last week...next week? all things mid-length. hello bermudas and knee length skirts! that was a joke. i don't even think i own any mid-length fare....not only does it my legs look as long as a 2 year old, but it takes me back to my catholic school days when our skirts had the touch the top of our knees. let me just tell you, knee length plaid is not the jam. i guess i've been rebelling ever since. sorry sister mary bride. p.s. i look like a goth witch in pictures now with this fiery mop. gypsigoth.
ruffle jacket: kite&butterfly, dress: splendid, harness: 12th street, shoes: jeffrey campbell


she works hard for the money

 taylor warren. hip-hop sista. lover of stripes.
 nina de raadt. lover of in n' out.
ashley glorioso. forgot her pants at home.
 ginger sisters.
 zoey grossman: filthy with professionalism.
 12th street fall '11 shoot. hot babes, velvet trousers, diet coke, rude boy on blast, boob grabbing, 80 looks. madness. will post the shots as soon as i get 'em.
models: taylor /fusion, nina/ford, stylist: pantless wonder, bossman: pj faulstick, makeup: samuel paul, photographer: zoey grossman


deja voodoo

your eyes do not deceive you. an american gold twofer. this time for a planet blue web shoot--me and the homies, sarah and malia. hanging out at a seedy bar and looking like a creepy after school covenant ready to bust out the ouija boards and play light as a feather, stiff as a board. which does not work, let me tell you. what does work, is this dress in my life. think i like this even better than the white version....no? i honestly can't choose. it's like picking your favorite child or something.
l to r: dress: american gold, velvet jacket: blu moon, skirt: ella moss, jacket: american gold