ribbed (for your pleasure)

sooooo i'm not gonna talk about how i haven't posted in 3 MONTHS but instead i'm gonna pretend nothing is fucked up about that and continue on talking about my daftbird collab. and my most favorite, most worn on a daily basis, ribbed tank. its a super fine rib, thin and soft, and obviously i rip and tore and stretched the shit out of mine so its now super duper low (in these photos it hasn't been torn or pulled so you can see the true shape, but on you can see how mine look now on my instagram). we decided when making this tank that we would design it so it wasn't insanely low in case people didn't want their boobs to pop out (which is totally understandable) buttttt if you did want that you could just tug at the neckline and you could get that super low vibe. don't be afraid to pull and tear at your tees-----i do it with every tee i've ever owned and i promise they only get better and better----i pull until i can hear things ripping and im like ok yeahhhh there are gonna be some little holes at the neckline, its gonna be nice and low,  and its gonna be one of a kind! so tear away my friends! or you can ship it to me and i will have my way with it. hahaha that sounded so wrong but you know what i mean! xx
photos//zoey grossman <3