seeing stars

oi! been a minute. my computer had some sort of meltdown while my boyfriend was using it and was in the shop for like 3 weeks. who knows what was wrong with it but it works now so here i am! i have a bunch of shit i have posted here and there on my instagram but haven't posted on the blahg! this little festive getup is one of them. i fuckingggg love this casual little 2 piece. i didn't think of myself as someone who would wear a star 2 piece set but i guess i hadn't ever seen a cute star 2 piece set until i laid my eyes on this little lenni number. and now i'm wondering what other matching 2 piece sets i can get my hands on…….i'll be back super soon like monday soon k love you bye.
vest and pants//lenni the label, tee//daftbird, bra//aimee cherie intimates, leather necklace//luiny, boots//modern vice, photos//zoey grossman