summer haze

i know i haven't updated in a minute. i'm sorry. i am on my 15th day in a row working and i can barely open my eyes in the morning let alone work up the courage to edit, upload, and resize a blog post ZZZzzzZzZZzzzZ ahhahahhah ok sorry i fell asleep at the keyboard :/ ok here's some of the fruits of my labor! pretty bb deer marina in a crazy lavish garden and a 10,000 square foot house that is EMPTY inside. yeah, your heard that right…..this house is empty. like no one lives there. ever. but they pay people to maintain the yard and garden. hmmmmm doesn't make any sense but ok! for love and lemons. summer. love this crew so much! you know what else i love? the weekend. and its comin' in hot. xx
photos//zoey grossman, model//marina nery @ society, hair//ashlee rose, makeup//stacey tan, styling by this italiano! all jewelry from my favorites jacquie aiche