and here i am drinking a variety of beverages. holyyy shi***, it's an outfit post. it's been so long i could've been going nude these last few months and you never would've known. that's a scary thought. me going nude for months not the not knowing part. unless you follow me on instascram in which case you would know that i am still putting little effort into my outfits. i mean i have cute things but i work in a studio all day errday and no one sees me. except my coworkers. only they know the true dirtbag that wears flannels and leather shorts every day. ok i'm being a bit dramatic. it's late, and i'm hungry. 
vest//sandro, hoodie+socks//american apparel, top//stylestalker, boots//old as dirt, bag//miumiu, rings and bracelets, luv aj. photos//zoey grossman


291 in the sun

all this work i've been stockpiling is being released at the same damn time! here's another lookbook, from 291 venice. summer baby. it's not too long now until i'm jumping in that tanning bed (no judgement just to get that base going) and frying in the sun at the beach. i know it's bad for you. but i'm italian, its in my genes! i mean look at my paisanos from the jersey shore. like little crispy italian fritters! ok sorry i got off track. anyway i loved this amazing day at this sick house right on the beach in malibu. and if mathilda doesn't make you wonder why you aren't a passenger on the pouty lipped train, i don't know who will. cheers to the freakin' (almost weekend). xx
photography//zoey grossman, hair+mu//adrienne herbert, model//mathilda@photogenics