how i met yo' style

some of you mayyyyy have already seen these, and if you did, well here they are once again for your viewing pleasure. i was super stoked/flattered when ken from how i met your style contacted this old hoarding grandma to shoot my room for their badass website. don't think that i didn't clean every nook and cranny for 7093720 hours before he came over. if you haven't checked out himys---you gotta, it really satiates your inner peeping tom! i always want to know what people's houses (and closets most importantly) look like....thank you how i met your style, for letting me get my voyeur on. you guys rule. and heyyyy it's been less then a week since i posted, how's that for progress?!



his and hers.
some of you asked about the grey backpack i wore in my last post.....it's alexander wang. and i'm still paying for it.
religious relic overload! the tiny turquoise bad boy below is courtesy of ceek <3, and the gold cross is rouse. i'm ready for first communion.
taking a load off and matching head to burgundy toe with b.f.....not planned. so when i saw him for the first time that day i was so stoked that zoey was around to call it out, laugh at us, and be able to document it. and no, i didn't change. we went in all our twinsie glory to dinner and it was rad. ok, moving on from the couples coincidence. sooooo, i lied. i said i was going to post in new york, and obviously, i didn't. and, to add insult to injury, i also took 0 pictures, other than the few i posted here. my days buying were over-run with the words "cute", "what delivery is this?", and more "cute". 10 hour days of looking at clothes left my eyes burning (neon is hitting spring hard so that's what i blame), so by time i got to the hotel i was face-planting that pillow. i think it's time to change the name of the blog. how do you feel about: never posts n' boots?
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satan's lair

 classy lady flash shot-----this is the world's most useless/retarded bikini top ever. not only does the gold metal knot in the middle get 3rd degree burn hot, it's nip slip central. no body surfing in this baby. actually no moving whatsoever. bathing suit/stella mccartney
 i look like i'm actually enjoying basking in the sun's blazing glory here. i'm not. i'm hating life. zoey has never shot so fast--or hated me so much for making her take my picture.
annnnnd i'm back. here's what i wore on the hottest day of life in palm spring aka satan's flaming boiler room. it was the least amount of clothing i could get away with besides walking around in my bathing suit and boots. which wasn't even an option cause i didn't have my damn bathing suit bottoms. not to mention i would've looked like a total freak working in my bathing suit with boots on.....not that i have a problem with looking like a freak. and apparently i don't have a problem backing that thang up on the blog either----gratuitous butt shot right there. i'll blame zoey for that one. perv. i'm going to new york tomorrow for work, but i am onnnnn it and have a couple more posts ready for that ass. my once a week infrequent loser posting blows and i would hate me if i were you. it's boring. got a couple outfits, a little roadtrip photo diary, anddddd i'm bringing my camera along to nyc for a little east coast action. get ready.
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palm springs thing

so remember that road trip for planet blue i was telling you about? well here is the first half of the lookbook. 110 degree sweat-stache inducing gnarly-ness and a case of heat stroke later, it was definitely one of the most environmentally challenging shoots i've ever done. homegirl in the corduroy pants was probably hating life a little more than the rest of us. but that's why models get paid the big bucks. i'll be able to post the second half of the sweat-fest next week! speaking of road trips, i am currently on one. for fun. that's right, fun. and i'm stoked. so i will be dropping off the face of the earth yet again. i might post a little something here every now and then if the voyeur in you wants to know what i'm doing rightnowthissecond. adios amigos!
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