river rat

hey there. i'm still alive. and here's the second installment of some styling for the 2 bandits------the first one being this bad boy----same aesthetic, a bit of a different vibe.....we traveled to the redwoods//russian river for another flannel wearing extravaganza----this time river rat vibes instead of texas tux steeze.....always love working with my bff zoey and long lost bff//cat lady taylor warren-----this one a backwoods deliverance good time. it may be true that none of this makes sense, nor is it as witty or clever as my usual posts. if you ever think my posts are clever. or witty. you better think they are at least one of those. ok, i'm a little buzzed. it's monday, i needed it. so sue me. p.s. i love you.
photography//zoey grossman, styling//me (clothes a combination of mine/my boyfriends---he's got some good hole-y wears), model//taylor warren, hair+mu//stacey tan


green day

my boyfriend was like "you're gonna post that vag shot?" and i was like "it's a shorts shot." ok, whatever, it's a vag shot. oh yeah, it also highlights the bleach stain from whence doing the whites one time.
a really serious dread situation. my new habit of tucking my hair into jackets is doing a number on my hair.

and here's when i drunkenly dyed my hair green. this was pretty far in, from a dark emerald teal, to this, vomit-pea green that you see here. which i swiftly dyed after it was compared to something that comes out of an infant. now its blue. which also blows. instead of looking like an infants remnants, i look like a transient. neither of which is particularly desirable. soooooo instead i use a bleach shampoo to get back to my passé blonde ombre self. a lot of bleach shampoo. damn you manic panic. semi-permanent my ass. xx
photos//zoey grossman, tank//elizabeth & james, vest//barlow, bra//one teaspoon, boot straps//the 2 bandits