sweat-y betty

ok so i think that wearing sweats (like sleepy time sweats) out of the house is wrong. because i feel like 1. you look like a slob, and 2. it's just as easy to throw on a pair of jeans, a skirt, a onesie, a dress-----i mean basically anything else. disagree with me as you will, im not judging! you wanna walk around in your dirty jammies all day, rock it out! ok i'm off topic.....oh yes. sweats. sooooooo i didn't go far in these sweats, just to dinner------but i left the house in sweats. only zara can empower me in such a way. full plaid suits, sweats in public-----apparently i am under zara's spell at the moment. whatever dude, they are en fuego!
jacket//sandro, pants//zara, tank//rvca, heels//shoe cult, necklace//luv aj, backpack//alexander wang, bra//lonely hearts, photos//zoey grossman


smells like teen spirit

really channeling my inner teen angst here. droopy slouchy shady and shifty! here's post #2 with nordstrom. it's so satisfying to me that i can finally wear layers in los angeles you have no idea. it gets so boring when its 1,000 degrees outside and the only thing you are truly rocking is a sweat mustache. and don't even get me started about not having central air.......alas, now i can complain that it's so cold (65 degrees) and how we really need a heater in our apartment. just kidding! sorta. happy hump day! we are almost to the weekend my friends. insert praise hands emoji. x
velvet maxi, flannel, slouchy cardi, all c/o nordstrom
photos//zoey grossman