hat on a hot tin roof

how the hell am i supposed to follow up super massive montage with a single outfit?! there's no way to match that visual stimulation extravaganza! maybe i can just post more often and then and that will distract from the fact that it's not a picture party.....ok so my post title is a lie. that roof i'm standing on ain't hot. don't let the sun deceive you. it's becoming a challenge getting away with the usual fare lately. denim diapers and tanks are being layered with sweaters, leather jackets, and tights. and i'm embracing the chill. living in a city where the weather is always so mellow yellow, it's nice when you feel some sort of season and get to bust out a dust collecting jacket----i love me a gloomy day. and a rainy day?! cheers to that. you know what else i'm cheers-ing to? friiiiday. t.g.i.f. dudes!
tank//blu moon, sweater//joie, bag//something else, black sapphire ring//soixante neuf, spike bracelet and cut-out ring//luv aj, photos//zoey grossman


back in the day

holy time flies bros. i can't believe i started this little endeavor a year ago. i just spent the last 39872701 hours (and you know how long it takes me for a single tiny little baby post) putting together a compilation of the past year in pictures....ombre, blonde, red, brown, back to ombre....hats, denim diapers, batwings, vests, harnesses, lace, crochet for days, backpacks, b.f., boots, shorts, beers, shots, jewels, jewels, and more.....well, jewels. i usually keep it light up in here but i really want to say a big ole THANK YOU to all of you that read this thing. i read every single cool/awesome/nice comment you leave and i really can't express my gratitude for all the kindness you all have thrown my way. i probably wouldn't even have a blog without the baddest bitch/bff/photographer i know, zoey grossman, for taking amazing pictures of my mug and making me look way more awesome than i actually am. and b.f. for being the coolest dude in this whole entire world. ok enough with the mushy stuff! get your scroll on! meow! xx ashley
photography//zoey grossman <3