these pants have some bad angles. see above. that's p.e. teacher right there.
i have teeth! i hate looking brooding and miserable in pictures. hence the medley of dork faces.
shout out to this lovely lady in red. totally amazing. and such a brisk walking dame too she was rad. i saw her while enjoying a place where many a peace-sign flashing tourist has gone before, the illustrious beverly hills sign. i think it kind of looks like it should be at the entrance to disneyland. or a camp. i'm wearing my dumps like a truck look---which isn't really a good thing per se , but sisqo said it with such flair in the thong song (yes i said it), so it's fine with me.  i think the trick with these pants is a cropped top, or a tucking in....otherwise, double dump. that didn't sound right at all. my brains a little fried. tgif!
pants: siwy, tank: 3.1 phillip lim, jacket: blu moon, boots: dolce vita, glasses: super, pictures: z


fox 'n boots

5 chicks. a seedy motel room. a bounty of samples. one fox. one fun photoshoot. find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting real. just kidding. that's the real world. nothing to do with this, i just love that opener.  this day was more fun than being on the real world. i'm sure of it. scope the lookbook here.
photography: zoey grossman, hair/makeup: adrienne, mrs. mystery: oracle fox


tighty whitey

 my hair is still sir streaks alot punk rocker hair. working on that.
this bag is mary poppin deep. like pull a lamp out of your purse deep. good luck finding, well, anything.
if i ever looked like i needed a suntan.....just call me powder.
 the one downfall to a super deep v-neck? a super high chance of flashing people your blindingly bright bra. like here. not that they can't already see it glowing right through.
this skirt is way tighty. like i take these weird little steps when i wear it because my legs are fighting the fabric that has a shocking lack of give tight. so i try to only wear it on days with little walking involved. perfect for a movie. lots of sitting. loving all things one teaspoon. this wayne's world meets larry the cable guy shirt included. and their cutoffs are ruling my world right now. thrashed, short, baggy, laced up, bleached out. all good. just got these babies which i will be wearing into the ground. and i'm stoked to finally reveal a little project with my homeslice mandy---had so much fun while she was here and working together was the icing on the killer cake. next post.
skirt: asos, t-shirt: blue life, denim shirt: one teaspoon, belt: vintage, bag: mayle


just not that into you

dress: see by chloe, bag: something else, boots: opening ceremony, necklace c/o black pyramid
t-shirt: blue life, cardi: hero crane, chain suspenders: louise manna, boots: joie, sunglasses: karen walker. i can't believe i'm saying this, but i miss those carroty orange locks. the red was awesome looking back on it. thank god i'm looking back. it was maintenance nightmare.
post vans party. little did i know this is exactly what i was gonna look like when i woke up the next morning. ouch.....tequila. headache. dress: splendid, bag: something else
i got that little side table at the flea market for 40 bones. find of the century. and my favorite jumper ever made.
coco loves getting her dance on. she's not really into it here, but usually, drops it like it's hot.
a super random assortment of rejected outfits that i never posted. until now, obviously. they all got pushed by the wayside for one reason or another.....not enough elements, fug faces, i got bored of it before i got around to putting it up, no jewelry.....oh, wait, that never happens who am i kidding. a printed babydoll, my uniform: the cutoffs and tee (with my old fiery locks---looking extra dull and orange at that moment), a night out getup (looking superrr sober), and of course, a crazy little dog lady romper action thrown in for good measure. the best of the worst. hope you chickens have a cadbury cream egg/ bottomless mimosa brunch kind of weekend.