lovin' lemons

archives from the styling vault. i've had to keep this lookbook from my bros at for love and lemons under wraps for six thousand years, so i'm stoked i get to at least post a little sneaky peak-y of this baby. i'll be able to post the whole shebang sometime in the next couple months. and thank god cause we just finished shooting the summer shoot on tuesday, and i'm already ready to show that shit! i posted some tiny tidbits here, but i can't wait to unleash the beast! hope everyone had a fat-tastic holiday weekend chunk-ing it in! xx
model//anna iaryn@nymodels, photography//zoey g., makeup//samuel paul, styling//ashley glorioso


everyday im hustlin'

so here's the night/street walking version of the previous post. black skirt (sheer replaced with sausage casing short), tank replaced with bra (which at night, equals tank), and big fuzzy jacket to offset the ho factor. although this is still pretty ho-heavy----it definitely isn't for the modest/amish/faint of heart. although if you like my blog you probably aren't used to seeing the norm up in here.
bra: topshop, skirt//herve leger, boots//opening ceremony, jacket//vintage, harness(worn backwards this time)//leather daddy store on santa monica, photos// zoey grossman.


put your leather on

 it's me again. the worst blogger in the history of the universe. the reason for my absence? i've been on a lookbook bender. one of them i can't talk about for 297423 months, and another for my homies at for love and lemons. i posted a few pics here----can't give too much away yet! by the time i get home i can't even open my computer let alone post pictures of myself after i've been staring at models all day. but the holidays are rollin' in and i think things are going to slow down a little for me. or so i hope. although i'm not complaining. and i'm not gonna lie i'm pretty stoked to get my stuffing on. and scalloped potato on. and casserole on. i think you get the picture. i hope you're all getting a nice little chunk of time off to be chillin' like a motherfu**in villian. cause that's my plan of attack. xx
skirt//minkpink, tank//brandy melville, jacket//twelfth st., harness//some leather daddy store on santa monica blvd., photos//zoey grossman


black snake moan

 i've waited long enough! here's part 2 of planet blue's holiday lookbook. the first half's goth counterpart. figured this was the perfect time to post because, let's face it. who really wants to be at work right now?
photography//zoey grossman, styling//ashley glorioso, makeup//stacey tan, model//sydney @ photogenics