the only thing i have in common with cowboys: a love of bolo ties.
six months later! sorry for my holiday hiatus....i was busy doing.....well, nothing! my holiday was filled with brie cheese, mimosas, bad word scrabble (a family tradition, get a view of the board if you dare here), bailey's on the rocks (granny drink and proud of it), and marathons of i shouldn't be alive. which gives me anxiety i might add. i'm looking pretty les mis in these pictures. i think cause its been colllllld (l.a. cold i know it's pathetic). but i'm wanting me some oil slathered sunbaking. and short shorts. without tights. cause i'm over them. and giant tank tops. without jackets and cardigans layered over. cause i'm over all of them too. bah humbug, the holidays are over! just kidding.
dress//splendid, best//topshop, jacket//twelfth street, bag//miu miu


shake it like a polaroid picture

behind the scenes dudes! polaroids rule. even though the film is $289,397,920. i probably won't talk to you guys until after the holidays (not like i actually talk to you but you know what i mean), soooo i hope you all have a relaxin' and maxin', seasons greetin' and eatin' kinda weekend.  i will talk to you all when we are back to the daily hustle. wah wahhhhh....but let's not get ahead of ourselves! happy holidazzze//much love xx

hurtin' for certain

part 2. the throbbing calm after the storm: the hangover. although, you can bet your bottom dollar i'm not looking like this when i'm hung over. you can find me on the couch, advil bottle clutched tight, law&order svu marathon running strong, and domino's on its way. 
photos//zoey g., model//charlotte, styling//still me, makeup//stacey tan, clothes//right here


party till you puke

since we went so shiny happy people with our last planet blue lookbook (for resort), this time we decided to got the complete opposite direction: saucy, scandalous, derelict-----which for me is the only way to be during new years! i was beyond stoked to work with one of my favorite models everrrr (really, ever), charlotte carey. she is badass. amazing. love her. it was double my pleasure that i also got to style with some brand spankin' new dope stone cold fox. (cyd and dall killlled it with this collection). i worked on this little baby long time, so i hope you all like it. hope it inspires you to get your topless (or bottomless) party on this new years! oh, and p.s. this shizz is a two-parter. the other half.....well, you'll just have to wait and see! that's a cliffhanger right there....xx
photography//zoey grossman, model//charlotte@photogenics, styling//right here, makeup//stacey tan