i will never get over the super tall gladiator sandal. in fact, it's the only sandal i will ever wear. my question is why is it the chupacabra of sandals? why don't people make more of these bad boys? if any of you know of any that exist in the world at this moment, give up the deats!
dressing like a dirtbag, apparently made me act like a dirtbag---giving the nonchalant finger and lurking around in alleys....creep! this is as basic as it gets for me. tank, tee, flannel. i can find them all on my floor at any given moment. so when the alarm goes off and i keep hitting snooze, and then realize holy shiiii.....i have to leave in 10 minutes. this is what you get. i haven't posted in eons, i realize.....i suck. work is kicking my italian ass right now. tomorrow i'm going on a one day road trip for a shoot with p.b., so at least i will have a change-up in my concrete jungle scenery! you'll find out where i'm goin' soon enough----if i can get around to putting the post up.....holy vicious cycle!
flannel/b.f.'s, tank/seneca rising, shorts/one teaspoon (shoddy you rule), bag/topshop, pics/z.g.


party on my pants

wanna know what else was in the dry cleaning abyss? these. effing. pants. as you know i am not a huge fan of the pant in general, but these bells single-handedly changed my mind. my homeslice mary <3 makes these in so many amazing vintage prints, i want every single pair. is that greedy? i'll let you all borrow them. (you can get in on the print party here). oh, i forgot to tell you the best part about these pants. when you get home, kick off your shoes and cozy up in bed. you got built in pj's on. wake up, change your shirt (or not) and you're good to go. pant twofer. ok. that concludes my pant rant.
pants/novella royale, tank/seneca rising, jacket/blu moon, hat/rag&bone, pics/zoey grossman


wind beneath my wings

 some days,  my job really rules. like this day. the crew went to malibu to shoot a beachin' lookbook. (you can see the finished product here). my downfall of the day was that i totally spaced on wearing a tank top for maximum without-a-bathing-suit tan (real problems here). i think i was just so excited to wear this top again cause i haven't worn it since november. yes, november. that's how fast my dry cleaning turnaround is these days. nine months. chicks can grow a baby in nine months. i can get my dry cleaning done. cheers to procrastination! while we are on the subject of procrastination.......holy shiznit i haven't posted anything since tuesday! i've been on a six day work bender. gnarls. i hope you're doing the opposite of that, which would be chlling and/or raging. cause its sunday funday. holla.
top/twelfth street, shorts/jen's pirate booty, necklace/spell, photos/zoey grossman


vest friends

just a light smattering of accessories......
these babies have a case of the way too new shine going on....they need a good drunken scuffing.
going in for a.....nose scratch?
if it ain't low it's a no go.
this is a face that says: duhhhh
i really am best friends with this vest. i love this flowy biatch. i even have it's burnt orange brother, which i last wore being a derelict in venice. been finding myself too lazy to take all of my long dresses to the tailor, so i've been knotting them instead---between the lookbook and this post, i've been a very knotty girl on this blog lately. it's been fry an egg sizzling hot in los angeles.....starting to run out of summer outfit ideas over here.....i need a stylist.
vest/blu moon, dress/splendid, boots/c/o kailani, photos/zoey to the grossman