i'm super stoked to show you guys this lookbook.....not only do i love everything about it so very much but it's my bff pj's debut collection.....zoey and i put alot of tlc into this little baby! the line consists of a sickkkk ass moto jacket, moto vest, and denim shirtdress-----and i want to wear every last bit. everything comes in every color under the sun, so my dream to have an oxblood leather jacket will be coming true veryyyyy soon. i'll take the grey and nude one too. and the emerald green thankyouverymuch. working with 2 of your best friends is always a pleasure. and when you have a super hot bleached brow model with a bangin' bod, it's more pleasure than business. or a pleasure doing business? meow. xx
photography//zoey grossman, model//tk @ elite, obviously i styled this shizz, makeup//stacey tan, jackson clothing contact info, here.


stripes, and claws, and dreads, oh my!

i have to be honest. this is my first wear of these babies. they are too small. like way too small. ah, the perils of ordering online. they look damn good on display though, not gonna lie. 
i'm back bitches. and it hasn't even been a month. and another outfit post you say?! a blog miracle if you ask me. this is post shoot day with for love and lemons----speaking of-----its almost time to show you their holiday lookbook, and its for sure one of my favorite lookbooks i've ever styled. i thiiiink you might like it. i also jusssttttt finished a lookbook with my bff on his new line, a sick jacket line called jackson. it should be up next post?! also a doozy. tons of good shit coming your way. andddd i have yet another outfit post after all that. pre occupy l.a. hair. cause that is what i'm calling my green hair now. if you're gonna dye your hair a color, go with a lavender, perhaps a sea foam, maybe pink? green = dirty effin' hippie dirtbag. which i sort of am anyway so maybe it's fitting? TGIF. xx 
photos//zoey grossman, kimono//for love and lemons, top//patterson kincaid, turquoise rings//spell, silver rings & necklaces//vanessa mooney, backpack//jas mb, boots//friend of mine


rack city

stair bear.
 what our boyfriends do while zoey and i shoot blog posts.
what my dog does while we shoot blog posts. 
TGIF. fridays are the best day of the week. i'm guessing it's probably everyones favorite day of the week. although i tend to ruin every single weekend because on saturday night, all i can think about is how tomorrow is sunday, and how that means the weekend is basically over. so i ruin the weekend saturday night. i call it my last day of vacation syndrome. cause i can never enjoy the last day of vacation because i know its over. is that weird? it is. ok. moving on. i love these stretchy amazing so-comfy-they-could-be-pajamas-ok-maybe-i-slept-in-them-but-i-was-drunk-and-passed-out bell bottoms. they rule. add a big ole' tank and too much jewelry, and thats an outfit i put together in the dark. literally the dark. cause my boyfriend sleeps later than me and i can't turn the lights on while getting ready cause that's just rude. speaking of sleeping late, thats exactlyyyy what i'm gonna do tomorrow. and i'm working sunday so i won't have to worry about ruining my weekend saturday night thinking its already sunday and basically monday. the end. xx
photos//zoey grossman, bells/novella royale, tank//rodan vs. griffith, hat//asos, bag/necklace//spell <3



hey there! its been a minute. a long minute. if you're reading this thank you for still errantly checking my blog for a miracle post. cause today's the day! a lookbook that i put my blood, a TON of sweat, and sweat tears into. 17 hours worth to be exact. with my favorite little nugget of life my homegirl anja, for nasty gal. even in 7923847 degree weather we managed to have the best time in my prius, air on blast, chugging around listening to die antwoord and dancing around like psycho ravers. and don't think i didn't apologize to her every time i slipped a sweater on her. speaking of torturous heat, can i get an amen to how muthafuckin' brutally hot its been in l.a. the last few days? sweatin' like a rapist over here. is that inappropriate? whatever. i always cross that line. i feel like its expected at this point. not expected? the outfit post that i have locked and loaded ready to go. comin' at ya. soon fools! xx p.s. if you follow me on instagram you'd know that i've dyed my hair green. it's pretty terrible.
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