back in the saddle again

its a lookbook frenzy up in here. i've been waiting ohhhh so patiently to show you this little bad boy from the 2 bandits. shot by my #1 homie zoey grossman, and this raddddd little nugget also known as teresa oman-----who is just as awesome as you would think she would be. cool jewels and good people, makes for a pretty perfect day at the office. xx
photos//zoey grossman, hair+mu//stacey tan, styling//me (with a few things borrowed from my bf)


action jackson

oh, hi! i bring to you the second installment of my bff's line, jackson. you may remember the first lookbook i posted not tooooo long ago. anyway, jackson's expanded. what started out at as the perfect leather jacket, he's now curated into the perfect line of sweats, army jackets (in every color of course), little boy dress shirts that fit perfectly and super soft tee's that are perfect to wear all day and sleep in all night. oh yes i do that all the time. it stretches them out throughout the night and you wake up with the most perfectly stretched out tee that's ready for the re-wear. just a little perfume and no one will ever know. well people will now know i do that since i admitted it publicly but i'm fine with that. oh, i got off the subject. anyway, i'm proud of my homie! he's doing things! i just dress people for a living. wah wahhhhhh. oh, i also have so many new lookbooks coming your way it's gonna make your head spin. get ready. k, love you bye. xx
jackson fall '13; photography//zoey grossman, model//tk@elite, styling//ashley glorioso, hair/mu//ashlee rose