viva la vida

nice segueway from my last post if i do say so myself! a look look lookbook----one of my favorite things i've styled to date. really. from my sisters from another mister, also known as for love and lemons. when they told me they wanted a little creepy frida kahlo vibe with some religious relics thrown in, i peed my pants a little cause, it's no surprise, i love me some religious relics. by the way, this house was insane-----super normal looking spanish style house in the valley, and then inside-----this. if their neighbors only knew! i would be throwing parties like it was going out of style. oh yes, and if you are wondering, i will be wearing all of these things. every. last. bit.
photography//zoey grossman, styling//ashley glorioso, model//valeria efanova, makeup//stacey tan


hex in the city

 i have no words for this bag. except that i want to marry it. you're all invited to the wedding.
 i scored these timberlands a couple weeks ago at barney's. they aren't actually timberlands, but they give me those vibes. that or jenny from the block.
the biggest behemoth bauble i own. bring it on. and never take it off.
back in the saddle again. sort of. i'll fall right off this saddle in no time. my sister said i'm not allowed to address the fact that i haven't posted in so long every time i post, because now it is to be expected, so i'm just stating the obvious, and when i do put something up it's a pleasant surprise. or people just get tired of checking to see if i have posted and never check purse 'n booze ever again. i actually haven't been boozing at all. i've been moving. to again state the obvious, moving blows. and i have to move two weekends in a row. which is just pure torture. i am in the middle of moves at the moment. i'd honestly rather put splinters under my fingernails. i can't wait to show you my new digs though, i'm pretty stoked! just got this dress, and i love the living daylights out of it. big. babydoll. bell sleeves. better believe it. i finally have some more outfit posts in my arsenal, andddd a lookbook for you homie homeslices. oh, and one more thing. if you guys know of any amazinnggg interior design blogs, help a sister out! my new apartment will thank you. <3
dress//for love and lemons, jacket//blu moon, bag, turquoise necklace, bull ring, crystal ring, all//spell designs <3, photos//zoey grossman.