the fly

 if you've scoped out my instagram lately, you'll see these chains are a thing of the past. who doesn't want to have full hand motion during the day? casualty.
the homie homeslice right here. who wants to stand next to a model in a blog post? not me. bummer. dear sydney roper, thanks for making me look bad. bitch.
new record. 2 weeks. no post. not cool. i know. but again, excuses! settling into my new digs over at nasty gal, anddddd i have to find a new apartment by the end of the motherfuckin' month. fuck. hate it. oh, and this is an nc17 blog post btw. my use of cuss words is gonna catch up with me. or maybe i need to flash a nip to get there. don't worry. not happening. today at least. oh, and this post? felt the need to showcase the fahhhncccyyyy sleeve by dancing around like a dead drunken fairy in a field. whatevs. what am i currently doing, in case you are wondering? drinking sake. listening to hyfr. and making some mac & cheese. oh yeah, almost forgot. called this post the fly cause b.f. said these sunglasses made me look like jeff goldblum in the fly. jeff goldblum. that's real sexy. let's just say these sunglasses are currently gathering dust. tgif dudes. xx
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