flyaways, foliage, and fringe - oh my!

ok so the first item of discussion that i got a TON of questions about ever since this lookbook came out: "WHAT ARE THOSE SANDALS?!" i tried to respond to every last one of you fine folk, but just for the record, the sandals are from free people from a couple of years ago. but wipe those tears away my friends, they came out with an updated version that are equally amazing and equally challenging to put on. patience, grasshoppas! what else is happening......well we are currently cruising along on this glorious 3 day weekend, and besides a workout here and there, i have accomplished nothing. and i'm just fine with that. todays agenda? oh, nothing. i did just complete this blog post in which case today, i am accomplished. k love you bye!
kimono and bra//for love & lemons, card//american apparel, sandals//free people, bag//spell, labradorite ring//torchlight, coin necklace//child of wild, photos//zoey grossman <3


see-thru sally

holyyyyyy shittttt its hot man. i mean if you live in southern california you know what i mean. last week i was happy as a clam in a 70 degree party and know we're in the 90's + and thats when the oppression begins! especially if you live in a "charming" hollywood apartment. charming=old, and with character (plus) with NO AIR (clear minus. big minus.) i bought one of those r2d2 units and i just let that baby pumppppp in my bedroom. which means i lay in bed as much as possible. like charlie from willy wonka's old grandpa's/grandma's. you know, the 4 of them, slept in the bed all day every day?! i mean that doesn't sound like such a bad gig to me! ok clothes. sorry about that. i love this skirt. love the shit out of it. its so see thru and pretty so of course i have to de-girly it with a super holey tee and a harness. and my favorite pink shoes that i almost considered buying and dying black so i could have a black pair. is that crazy? its crazy right?? k bye! xx
skirt//for love & lemons, tee//nasty gal, bag//howl & horn, boots//zara, rose gold cage ring//pamela love, conch bracelet//vanessa mooney, photos//zoey grossman


big hat 'n booty shorts

 back! back in the blogging grooveeee. i would do anything that banish that oh so unattractive word: blog. ewwwww. ok anyway its getting hot. wasn't prepared for this shit. so on this warmish day i decided to forgo any bottom coverings and just go with the denim diaper. and big ole' top, hat, and boots to offset the occasional buttcheek flash. scooped this top at zara, which i check weekly to troll the new arrivals page. ees sooooo good dude! also good, the lookbooks i styled this past weekend. some gooooood ish coming your way! also good? the weekend that is coming all up on us! i will be laying in the sun. (i know its bad for you. like so bad but im italian its in my dna.) and sleeping. which i can do at the same damn time. hells yes! also i'm done saying good. too many times in one small paragraph. xx
top//zara, hat//h&m, boots//joie (oldies), bag//chloe, tiny cross necklace and rosary bracelet//vanessa mooney photos//zoey grossman <3