p.s. i love you

sometimes, you do a shoot where you end up holding onto the photos for what seems like an eternity, waiting for the day when you can show them to the world. this 70's inspired desert/field of dreams lookbook was one of them. i've never been the biggest fan of a clutch, until i met tiny cute little shannon, and her brand spankin' new line, patrick shannon. a clutch that i would carry. my pick? the 6" fringe of dreams with the fox head clasp. yes please! she has singlehandedly turned my clutch frown upside down. i will not be drunkenly dropping one of these bad boys all up in the club. i'll be clutching this baby reallllll tight. no pun intended. but really. next stop, outfit post. choo choooo! xx
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dead serious

that's a smile right there. genuine smile. i was 2 tequila shots deep on this lovely thursday night, what's not to smile about?
a shit ton of super sexy faces right here. and when im not giving you my sultry night face, how bout i cover it instead? or flash an inappropriate middle finger like i am accustomed to do? i just can't be serious about getting my photo taken, especially for an odd, self indulgent thing like a blog. and before you anonymous negatrons start your lame rants, i'm obviously not knocking blogs by any means-----they are an awesome form of self expression, open lots of doors for lots o' folks, buttttt i myself, don't feel all that comfortable smizing for the camera. i prefer to be in the background, making bitches look bangin'. so, with that said, i will continue to stick my tongue out, hide behind my hair, or put a bag over my face. hope that's ok. love, captain hidesherface. xx
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midnight in morocco

hello friends. sooooo, i've been DYING to show you this lookbook. literally dying. like i can't believe i've had to wait 6 months to show this to you. for love and lemons, holiday. not only did the collection look sickkkk as f**k, but anja, as always, killed it. she is so awesomely insanely rad to work (and hang out) with. i mean, we car danced for 3 hours to die antwoord, which = awesome to me. back to the lookbook. thumbs up to velvet. i can't wait until it's not 6,000 degrees out and i can wear velvet and leather and anything with sleeves. summer's over, but my sweat stache is still kickin'. speaking of sweat stache, i'm heading to new york for the weekend. adios amigos! xx
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