look back at it

hot tub time machine
silver rings//luv aj, arrowhead//pamela love. oh, and these nail wraps are from little bb steph stone! <3
oh hi guys. i know its been awhile. im sorry! i feel really bad about it. if it makes you feel any better i have another post all queued up for dat ass. ok so this is in zoey's backyard, but the real elephant in the room is that she has an 80's HOT TUB back there. yes. i've never been in it but i sure as hell plan on it. also this hat i love so much. its definitely a faux maison michel which is a bummer, but it fits my giant paisano head. andddd it has a burgundy ribbon. also i've been wearing these leather legging like they are going out of style. which they never will. also who cares about clothes is FRIDAYYY. xx
  jacket//sandro, shirt//stylestalker, pants//blank nyc, hat//topshop, shoes//marni, bag//howl&horn, photos//zoey grossman